AWWA Standards

AWWA Standards

The Standard for Quality

For more than 100 years AWWA has developed voluntary standards of minimum requirements for materials, equipment and practices used in water treatment and supply. AWWA Standards are used by thousands of manufacturers, distributors and water treatment facilities worldwide to ensure the highest quality products and service.



Why use AWWA Standards?

  • Quality assurance. You can be confident when you select products and processes that meet the requirements of AWWA Standards.
  • Industry consensus. Each AWWA Standard is developed by a dedicated volunteer committee and is subjected to a rigorous formal approval process. Read about the AWWA Standards Program.
  • Most used. Thousands of utilities of all sizes in North America and in many countries have adopted AWWA Standards.
  • ANSI approved. ANSI accreditation of AWWA Standards is your additional assurance of excellence.

How to buy AWWA Standards

  • AWWA Standards are available individually or as a money-saving complete set. Your initial set purchase includes all current standards plus a one-year subscription, which brings you all revised and new standards issued in the following 12 months. Multi-user subscriptions are also available.
  • Current AWWA Standards are available in print, on CD-ROM, or as digital downloads. Historical standards are available as digital downloads only. Prices vary.
  • Print and CD-ROM subscribers are billed annually.

Standards categories

More than 172 standards are available in 21 categories:

Groundwater and Wells
Disinfection Chemicals
Scale and Corrosion Control
Taste and Odor Control
Ductile-Iron Pipe and Fittings
Steel Pipe
Concrete Pipe
Valves and Hydrants
Pipe Installation
Disinfection of Facilities
Service Lines
Plastic Pipe
Storage Tanks
Plant Equipment
Utility Management