Ambassador Award

Ambassador Award

Purpose of the Award: To recognize the outstanding achievement of 500 or more membership recruitment points.

The Award: A walnut plaque engraved with the name of the recruiter and Section.

Frequency: Annually when point targets are achieved.

Eligibility: The recruiter must be an active AWWA member.

Nomination Procedure: None.

Award Determination: The recruiter must enlist enough members to receive 500 recruitment points and at least 250 points must have been earned with Individual Active or Operations/Administrative members. Recruiters earn five points for each Individual Active member and two points for each Student or Operations/Administrative member. 

Recruiters earn points for organizational membership recruitment as follows:

New Utility Member by Grade

Grade 80 = 25 points
Grade 81 = 50 points
Grade 82 = 75 points
Grade 83 = 100 points
Grade 84 = 150 points
Grade 85 = 250 points
Grade 86 = 300 points

New Service Provider Member by Grade

Grade 90 = 50 points
Grade 91 = 75 points
Grade 92 = 100 points
Grade 93 = 150 points
Grade 94 = 250 points

New Partner Agency Member

Grade 74 = 50 points

AWWA staff tallies and analyzes the total number recruited on a calendar year basis to determine the top recruiter. The award determination period may be changed at AWWA's sole discretion.

Past Recipients
  • Lawrence Goldsmith, New York Section
  • Randy Lusk, Illinois Section
  • Raymond J. Raposa, New England Section
  • Donna Margo Howe, Texas Section
  • Frederick Elwell, Florida Section
  • Victor Lopez, Puerto Rico Section
  • Michael Meadows, Texas Section
  • Cliff Shrive, Ohio Section
  • Harry Siebert, North Carolina Section
  • Mona Cavalcoli, New York Section
  • Elizabeth Cerda Andrade, Mexico Section
  • George Davenport, Pennsylvania Section
  • Laurie Dougherty, Illinois Section
  • Dixie Fanning, South Carolina Section
  • Kenneth McCool, Alabama - Mississippi Section
  • Frank Triplett, Pacific Northwest Section
  • John Van Arsdel, Illinois Section