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AWWA's new Buried No Longer® tool is intended to help water and wastewater utilities understand their pipeline infrastructure replacement costs. The easy-to-use replacement and repair tool with base and deferral outputs will perform a complete assessment of your specific infrastructure and output custom, actionable data.

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AWWA Reports

AWWA Guidebook: Asset Management Definitions Guidebook, v 1.0

This guidebook defines terms commonly used in water utility Asset Management practice. AWWA’s Asset Management Committee developed it to help improve learning, consistency, and communication in the water industry. The Committee encourages professionals throughout the industry to use the guidebook, and expects the terminology in products that the Committee sponsors (e.g., publications and presentations) to be consistent with it.

Download the Guidebook (PDF)

AWWA Report: Leading Business Practices in Asset Management

Commissioned by the AWWA Asset Management Committee Project Team and funded by the AWWA Technical & Education Council, the report details case studies on 13 utilities covering key concepts of asset management. This May 2017 report contains aggregated summaries and analyses of utility asset management practices and policies collected from 545 utilities.

Download the Report (PDF)

AWWA Survey: Level of Progress in Utility Asset Management

The 2015 Establishing the Level of Progress in Utility Asset Management survey project was commissioned by the AWWA Asset Management Committee and funded by the Technical & Education Council. This survey covers general asset management, current state of assets, levels of service, risk management, maintenance and reliability, and asset planning.

Download the survey results report (PDF)

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This valuable operations manual provides guidance on selecting the best water-main rehabilitation techniques for your water distribution system. Step-by-step guidance, including costing, is included for cleaning, lining and replacement technologies.

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Buried No Longer report
AWWA's infrastructure financing report, Buried No Longer, is a call to action for utilities, consumers and policy-makers.
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