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The AMTA/AWWA Membrane Technology Conference explores how the latest developments in membrane technology can enhance water reliability and quality. Each year the conference reveals new directions in water and wastewater treatment technologies, desalting and membrane bioreactor applications. For COVID-19 resources, and health and wellness information, please visit the MTC COVID-19 resources page

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For COVID-19 resources, and health and wellness information, please visit the MTC COVID-19 resources page

2023 Registration Rates
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$825 $1,030 $875 $1,080
Student (Validation required - same as Full-Conference) $105 $105 $105 $105
Operator/Professor/Regulator (Validation required - same as Full-Conference) $415 $515 $475 $565
Exhibits-Only All Days (non-booth staff) $105 $105 $105 $105
Pre-Conference Workshops (half day)  $165 $240 $190 $290
Technical Facility Tours $50/60 $100/110 $60/70 $110/120

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Cancellation Policy: AWWA must receive cancellations in writing. Phone cancellations are not accepted. All cancellations dated on or before 1/20/2023 will receive a refund, minus a 25% administrative fee. After 1/20/2023 cancellations will not be refunded; however, substitute registrants are welcome. Email requests for substitutions or cancellations to

Who attends MTC?

  • Consultants and Contractors
  • Designers
  • Professors and students
  • Federal, state and municipal management and executives
  • Local, state and federal regulators
  • International audience
  • Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors
  • Operators
  • Scientists and researchers
  • Water and wastewater engineers
  • Water utility plant management and executives

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Technical Program

Each year the AMTA-AWWA Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition features technical podium and poster sessions, pre-conference workshops, facility tours, networking and a comprehensive Exhibit Hall. Attendees explore how the latest developments in technology can enhance water reliability and quality through membrane filtration, reuse, desalting, RO/NF/MF/UF and MBR for water treatment. The MTC planning committee is excited to share another outstanding technical program in 2023 - details coming soon!




Conference Topics include

  • Membrane Development, Research, and Innovation
  • Plant Operation, Maintenance, and Management
  • Reuse
  • Project Planning and Design
  • Membrane Filtration Applications 
  • Planning and Operations
  • Concentrate Management
  • Seawater Desalination

Pre-Conference Workshops & Tours - Monday, February 20, 2023

Workshops and Facility Tours offer additional opportunities for in-depth, hands-on learning. Additional Registration and fees are required, these items are not included in the full conference registration. 


8:30 am - 12:00 p.m.
PCW01—Back to Basics
Back to Basics enables attendees to prepare themselves for the full MTC. Ideal for first time attendees and those new to the field of membrane technology, "Back to Basics" gives the audience exposure to membrane experts and knowledge in a focused forum. Discussion will include fundamentals of microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis.

PCW02—Relying on Membranes for Safe and Sustainable Potable Reuse
As indirect potable reuse (IPR) and direct potable reuse (DPR) are being considered, a key question is which one would be the preferred choice for your community? While IPR and DPR use similar technological concepts, they are very different in operation and risks. This workshop will explore the major differences between IPR and DPR, addressing the pros and cons of these water reuse strategies. The audience will learn how to make potable reuse projects successful based on several decades of research and practical experience.

1:00 - 4:30 p.m.
PCW03—Membrane Plant Data Analytics
Water and wastewater treatment plants collect vast quantities of data through sensors and laboratory analyses. Recently developed data analytics platforms and techniques can give operators and managers new insights into plant performance and optimization. This workshop will describe concepts for best practices in data collection, storage, and accessibility. We will also demonstrate some available commercial and open-source tools for analytics and machine learning, making these accessible for membrane plant engineers and operators.

PCW04—PFAS 2030: Will Membranes be Enough?
One of the key trends in water treatment is the potential need to treat water to very low levels of PFAS. This workshop, with panel discussion, will prove an in-depth review of the key issues for the use of membrane treatment to meet forthcoming strict PFAS limits. Areas of focus will include: nanofiltration versus reverse osmosis, treating PFAS in membrane concentrate, new developments in membrane technology, and regulatory trends.  Attendees will leave this workshop with a better understanding of the tools and strategies that will be essential to effective management of PFAS using membranes.

Technical Facility Tours

8:30 am - 12:00 p.m.
SOLD OUT - T1—Hallsdale-Powell Utility District (Melton Hill Water Treatment Plant) & West Knox Utility District (Daughtery Water Treatment Plant)
In this double tour, we will be visiting the Milton Hill Water Treatment Plant followed by the Daugherty Water Treatment Plant.

The MHWTP is a 12 MGD rated treatment plant located on Melton Hill Lake.  It was a conventional surface water filter plant converted to ultrafiltration membranes in 2007 and utilizes both Siemens/Dupont CMFS and Suez 1000 submerged membrane system with conventional sedimentation and flocculation.  MHWTP sees wide fluctuations in water quality and turbidity due to runoff and embayment effects.

The Daugherty Water Treatment Plant was originally a 2MGD conventional plant commissioned in 1963. The plant was converted to an 8MGD Pall microfiltration membrane plant commissioned in December 2014. The plant is easily expandible up to 16MGD with the replacement of raw water pumps, additional membranes, membrane pumps, and finish water pumps. The decision to use membranes over conventional treatment was due to the small footprint of membrane technology (site constraints, no additional clear well) and the ease of expansion in increments of 2MGD if desired.

1:30 - 4:00 p.m.
T2—Knox Chapman Utility District (Jones Mason Water Treatment Plant)
Knox Chapman Utility District - The Jones Mason Water Treatment Plant is a pressure ultra-filtration plant utilizing Zeeweed 1500 membranes to produce up to 10 million gallons a day and has been in service since April 2014.   The plant preoxidizes with chlorine dioxide for iron and manganese precipitation and coagulates with polyaluminum chloride to pretreat source water from the French Broad River.

T3—Hallsdale-Powell Utility District (Beaver Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant)
In this tour we will be touring the Beaver Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Powell, TN, which is part of the Hallsdale Powell Utility District.

The Beaver Creek WWTP is a 12 MGD rated plant (ADF) utilizing two parallel treatment trains.  One side uses a conventional oxidation ditch followed by clarification and tertiary filtration, with the second train MBR utilizing Suez 500D membranes.  The membrane portion went online in 2010 and is still operating with original membrane modules.  Both trains blend together and receive UV disinfection before being discharged into Beaver Creek which is a 303D listed impaired stream.

Exhibitor & Sponsor Opportunities

Thank you to all our 2022 Exhibitors & Sponsors! 

Each year, MTC offers a wide variety of sponsorship packages and exhibitor opportunities to enhance your company's exposure and visibility throughout the conference.

Connect your company to a qualified and high-profile audience entirely interested in the membrane industry.

2023 Resources:

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For all exhibit & sponsor inquiries please contact AWWA Exhibitor Services.

The Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition is the premier event for membrane technology and applications in North America - be there!

Speaker Portal

All presenters have access to the MTC23 Speaker Portal. In this portal, speakers can accept their presentation, sign the Creative Commons form, submit their manuscript and submit their PowerPoint presentation.


Presenters please note: MTC is a no-paper, no-podium conference. Before submitting an abstract, please review information below carefully to avoid surprises later on. If you are selected to present, remember that effective communication fundamentally affects the quality of the program, and a well-prepared presentation is the first step in reaching this goal. Please make sure you invest adequate time and energy in developing your presentation and paper. MTC is a no-paper, no-podium conference, NO EXCEPTIONS - make sure to follow the directions provided below as you develop your paper. 
Please review information below carefully and contact us with any questions.

MTC 2023 Deadline Dates

Missing these deadlines can result in your removal from the MTC Program - AMTA and AWWA thank you in advance for being mindful of submission dates and requirements.

Presenter Deadlines

  • Accept or Decline Presentation by Friday, November 4, 2022
  • Sign Creative Commons Form by Friday, November 4, 2022
  • Papers and/or Manuscripts are due by  Friday, December 16, 2022
  • Poster Presentations are due by Monday, January 23, 2023. Review Poster Guidelines
  • Presentations are due by Monday, January 23, 2023

Presenter Guidelines

  • All presenters are required to submit a paper/manuscript that follows the MTC Manuscript Guidelines
  • All papers/manuscripts will be reviewed and approved by the Session Moderator or a member of the MTC Planning Committee. 
  • During the review process you may be asked to provide changes or additional information; AMTA/AWWA asks that you adhere to any requests and make changes within the time frame given.
  • Download the Creative Commons form.
  • Submit your Paper and/or Manuscript through your Speaker Portal or directly to AMTA Administrative Coordinator.

PowerPoint Presentations

  • All PowerPoint Presentations are required to use the MTC PowerPoint Template and follow the MTC PowerPoint Guidelines. Out of respect for our members and attendees, presentations must not be commercial in nature. Note: Company name and/or logo can be included in your PowerPoint in the bottom corner only on the first and last slide. Logo max. size: 2" horizontal/wide by .75" vertical/high. 

  • Presenters are required use the MTC PowerPoint Template

  • All Presentations will be reviewed and approved by the Session Moderator or a member of the MTC Planning Committee. During the review process you may be asked to provide changes or additional information; AMTA/AWWA ask that you adhere to the request and make the changes within the time frame given. Once your presentation gains final approval from the moderator or similar, you will need to contact AWWA to make any changes.

  • PowerPoint Presentations are due by date listed above. Please be timely. 

  • Submit your PowerPoint Presentation through your Speaker Portal or AMTA Administrative Coordinator.

To allow sufficient time for your materials to be reviewed, AMTA/AWWA ask that you follow the guidelines and meet all the deadline dates above. Missing important deadlines can result in your removal from the MTC Program - AMTA/AWWA thank you in advance for your staying mindful of submission dates and requirements.

Moderator Requirements

  • The planning committee will be recruiting moderators for the Membrane Technology Conference and Exposition. As a moderator, you are required to reach out to the presenters in your session to ensure they are on track to present and provide their materials on-time for your review and approval. You are required to review in advance all papers and PowerPoints that are included in your session. Keep your eyes open for additional communications and deadline schedules:

  • During your review, you should check all papers and PowerPoints for items: accuracy, logos, sales pitches, slide readability, graphics, and disparaging remarks, etc. and provide presenters feedback on updating or enhancing their papers and PowerPoints.

  • Presenters will submit their papers/manuscripts by December 16, 2022; you will then have a short window of time to review them. If you suggest improvements, please communicate those back to presenters in a timely manner.

  • Presenters will submit their PowerPoints by Monday, January 23, 2023; you will then have a short window of time to review them. Please begin your review as soon as possible. If you suggest improvements, please communicate those back to presenters in a timely manner.

  • Moderators are required to select a "Best Paper" contender from their session(s) and notify AMTA of that selection.  

  • Moderators are required to attend a training webinar, where we cover how to log in to your Speaker Portal and access presenters’ papers/manuscripts and PowerPoints for review.

  • Onsite, moderators are required to: introduce each presenter in their assigned session, keep presenters on-time, and facilitate audience questions.

Please make sure you adhere to these Moderator Guidelines. If you are unable to meet these requirements, please email AMTA Administrative Coordinator. and asked to be removed as a moderator.
We thank you for your time and effort, see you in Knoxville!!

Convention Center & Hotel ReservationsKnoxville Sunsphere at KCC

All technical sessions, exhibit hall and meetings for the 2023 MTC will be held at the Knoxville Convention Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. Conference hotel blocks have been established at the nearby Hilton Knoxville and Marriott Knoxville Downtown.

2023 Conference room rates - Rates valid through January 30, 2023 or until block is full - whichever happens first.

  • Hilton Knoxville: $179/night+taxes
  • Marriott Knoxville Downtown: $187/night+taxes

Located in the heart of Tennessee, Knoxville is where "mountains meet music". With a vibrant downtown, unique cuisine and the best of southern hospitality, Knoxville will provide whatever fun MTC attendees are looking for!

Schedule note: Pre-conference workshops and facility tours occur on Monday for an additional fee. Exhibit Hall opens on Tuesday morning following the Opening General Session. Exhibit Hall closes Thursday at 1:30 p.m.

Alert: Please be aware of fraudulent organizations contacting attendees to solicit hotel rooms. For your protection, reserve hotel accommodations using only the links provided above. Reservations made through any other housing services company could result in hidden charges, unusual restrictions, or incorrect hotel placement. If you are contacted by an organization you believe to be fraudulent, contact AWWA Lodging.

MTC Awards: Call for Nominations!

Water Quality Person of the Year Award
Robert O. Vernon Award - Membrane Plant Operator Award
Membrane Facility Award

Please visit the Awards Nomination Form for a description of each award, and to submit your nominations. 

Congratulations to all winners! 2022 Awardee Information

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