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"When water professionals want to make a real impact on society, to make the world a better place through better water, they do so in the pages of the Journal."

- Kenneth Mercer, Ph.D.
  Editor-in-Chief, Journal AWWA


Journal – American Water Works Association, published continuously since 1914, is the flagship publication of the American Water Works Association. 

Each month, Journal AWWA serves as a forum for thought leaders in the water and wastewater industry. Readers benefit from its peer-reviewed research and technical articles as well as articles featuring best management practices, industry news, and the most current information on regulations affecting the water industry in the United States.

Journal AWWA Author Benefits

The preferred industry publication. In a 2016 Readership survey, Journal AWWA was ranked 1st as being the most read industry publication at least twice as much as others.

Short timeline from acceptance to publication. Journal AWWA publishes In Press (Online First) versions of peer-reviewed articles within days of acceptance. For peer review, we accept and publish papers online within 3-6 months of submission, and we publish papers in print in about 8 months on average. For non-peer review, it’s about 3-4 months from submission to publication in print.

Thorough review process. Journal AWWA articles are reviewed by staff as well as peers to ensure the highest quality information.

All AWWA members get Journal AWWA. AWWA members include some of the most dedicated industry professionals. Publishing in the journal ensures that you get your work in front of the most involved individuals.

Enhanced online global exposure of your article. Journal AWWA is indexed in key databases to increase the discoverability and impact of your article. 

How to Submit

Download PDF of complete Journal AWWA submission guidelines.

Journal AWWA publishes peer-reviewed articles, nonpeer-reviewed articles, committee reports and news items. The submission guidelines vary according to the type of article:

Peer-review Submissions
Nonpeer-review Submissions
Column Submissions
Committee & TEC Project Reports

Journal AWWA publishes accepted manuscripts as soon as possible. One-page summaries of peer-review articles are published in print, with the full text published online. Accepted but unedited peer-review articles are posted online ahead of print and replaced with the edited version at the time of print publication. If a manuscript is not scheduled for publication by the end of the one-year period following acknowledgment of receipt, authors may request that the manuscript be released to them.

For a listing of monthly focus topics, see the Journal AWWA Editorial Calendar.
Journal AWWA
 if you have questions regarding these submission guidelines.

Journal AWWA invites water professionals (both AWWA members and nonmembers) to submit articles pertinent to the water and wastewater field. Papers are considered for publication with the understanding that they have not been published elsewhere and are not under consideration by any other publication. Any repetition of work published elsewhere (without the proper permissions and approval) will result in immediate rejection of a submitted manuscript. Manuscripts may have been prepared initially for presentation at an AWWA conference or section meeting or may have been written explicitly for the Journal AWWA.

Additional Information

AWWA reserves the right to edit all papers for style, syntax, grammar and clarity. Authors will review the edited manuscripts before the articles are published in final form.

Papers that are published or held by the Journal AWWA may not be published elsewhere (either in sum or in part) without written permission from AWWA.


  • All authors of published papers are required to transfer copyright ownership of the manuscript to AWWA, some exceptions apply. 
  • Authors are allowed to write derivative work of the published manuscript; this would not violate the terms of the copyright agreement.
  • Authors are required to obtain written copyright permission to include material in their paper for which they do not own copyright.
  • AWWA reserves the right to reproduce published papers in full or in part in other AWWA media.

Language Editing

Authors who do not speak English as a first language and who are interested in working with a specialized editing service to improve the English grammar and usage in their manuscript are encouraged to work with Charlesworth Publishing Services Ltd. 

Journal AWWA has an agreement with The Charlesworth Group whereby authors who are submitting their work for consideration in Journal AWWA receive a discounted rate on language editing services. Interested authors may submit their paper for editing via The Charlesworth Group.