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Journal - American Water Works Association | april 2018, Volume 110, Number 4
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The April issue focuses on contaminants of emerging concern. Find these and other topics: analysis of results for groundwater systems in UCMR 3 using two statistical models; using results from grab samples and a geospatial watershed model to quantify concentrations of CECs at drinking water treatment plant intakes; investigating stannous chloride as an alternative to ferrous iron as a total chromium and Cr(VI) reductant; studying the use of ferrous chloride to remove hexavalent chromium from used brine.

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Mechanical Reliability in Potable Reuse: Evaluation of an Advanced Water Purification Facility
Brian M. Pecson, Elise C. Chen, Sarah C. Triolo, Aleksey N. Pisarenko, Simon Olivieri, Eileen Idica, Aviv Kolakovsky, R. Shane Trussell, and R. Rhodes Trussell
To document the reliability of treatment technologies for direct potable reuse of wastewater, a treatment train consisting of ozone, biological activated carbon, microfiltration/ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet light with advanced oxidation was tested at a demonstration facility in San Diego, Calif.

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photo of AlspachJournal AWWA is proud of the talented authors who contribute to our publication. This month, we spoke with Brent Alspach, who wrote the March 2018 article, “Pathogen Rejection in Potable Reuse: The Role of NF/RO and Importance of Integrity Testing.” 

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Influence of Selected Variables on Trihalomethane Removals by Spray Aeration
Aidan R. Cecchetti, Harrison Roakes, and Robin M. Collins
Algal blooms in drinking water supplies can result in unpalatable flavors in tap water, human health concerns, and increased treatment costs. This study estimated the costs associated with treating algae and algal by-products in the Waco, Tex., drinking water supply during 2002–2012. This analysis is intended to help water utility managers understand the costs associated with dealing with elevated nutrient loading and algal blooms in drinking water supplies.

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Contaminants of Emerging Concern
Joseph A. Cotruvo and Andrew D. Eaton
It can be difficult for practitioners to develop a clear understanding of the key issues regarding the presence of drinking water contaminants. The goal in this issue of Journal AWWA is to provide summaries of authoritative information produced and reviewed by experts in articles that provide a reasonable current perspective for readers, many of whom are not specific subject matter experts but whose work may be affected by reports on contaminants of emerging concern. This series of articles will address several of the most discussed chemicals, as well as some that are likely on the horizon for discussion, and identifies where more information must be developed before consensus can be reached.

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