Communications & Outreach

As someone who works in water utility management, you need to keep your customers informed and educated. 

To help you succeed, AWWA has a Public Communications Toolkit and materials to help communicate various water-related topics, such as Drinking Water Week, lead in drinking water and the value of water. The goal is to help you keep your customers informed and highly engaged with valuable outreach.

Trending in an Instant  Executive Summary

In today’s digital media environment, water utilities must compete with many voices seeking to influence how customers feel about their water quality and service. 

Advocacy groups, product marketers, celebrities and others can leverage social media and a decentralized media culture to suddenly and unexpectedly place utilities in a negative light.

To help water sector professionals prepare for and manage these situations, AWWA released a new guide, Trending in an Instant: A Risk Communication Guide for Water Utilities  (member login required to view) and an accompanying Executive Summary.