Online Subscriptions

What is a webinar subscription?

A webinar subscription includes registration to many of the current year’s scheduled webinars with archive access at a discounted rate. You or your organization can take advantage of this training opportunity!

Individual Webinar Subscription

This webinar bundle will include a minimum of fifteen regularly-priced ($75) webinars. The webinars will air in 2021, and you will also have access to the recordings. Look for the special 'gold medal' icon to see which webinars are included, and more regularly priced webinars may be added throughout the year. The price of $900.00 represents a 30% savings!

Organization Webinar Subscription 

An organization subscription includes pre-registered access links to additional webinar programming. Your employees will be pre-registered for approximately 30 live 2021 webinars in 2021. With organization subscriptions, you also receive all of 2020's webinars to watch at your convenience. plus access to view the archive recording for a period of 30-days after the live air. 

*Please note: Certain webinar series', converted in-person events, legal & finance webinars, and joint-association partnership webinars are excluded from all annual subscriptions. 


eLearning Subscription - Individual

What is an Individual Subscription?

An Individual eLearning Subscription provides access for one person to a suite of self-paced courses, with unlimited access for 12 months. 


**2021 Temporary Price Break** During this time of work-at-home restrictions, AWWA is offering our individual subscription for a limited time for $395 member/$645 non-member. This allows members access to 16 online courses (just $24.69 per course!)

Do you have several employees interested in online learning? We offer additional discounts for groups over ten. Please see Organizational Subscription for details. 

What courses are available in the subscription?

A wide variety of topics including  distribution, management, and mathematics. View the Online Courses Subscription List to begin planning your training goals.

What are the benefits of a subscription?

  • Avoid university and college tuition rates with this low-cost education solution.
  • Unlimited access to our most popular self-paced courses.
  • Complete at your own pace, as long as you register for a course within your twelve-month subscription; you have 90 days to complete a course without losing access.
  • Learn from industry leaders. Access to AWWA’s Online Courses means you’ll have access to the knowledge and experience of AWWA’s volunteers and members, your water industry peers..

How do I purchase an Individual Subscription?

If paying with credit card, you have the option to use our online registration and checkout.

If you need assistance with registration and checkout, contact Education Services.

eLearning Subscription - Organizational

Organizational Subscription Registration Form 

What is an Organizational Subscription?

An Organizational Subscription requires you to register 10 or more employees in our eLearning subscription program. The subscription is a suite of over fifteen self-paced courses, with access for 12 months, at a discounted rate per student for organizational members. Your organization can take advantage of this training opportunity by completing the form above. 


AWWA offers our organizational subscription for for $295 per employee (AWWA member price). This allows each registered employee access to over 15 online courses (approximately $18 per course!) Non-AWWA members organizations may subscribe for $495 per employee. 

What courses are available in the subscription?

AWWA has courses included in the subscription with a wide variety of topics including distribution, management and mathematics. View the Online Courses Subscription List to learn more and begin planning your employee training goals.

What are the benefits and details of a subscription?

  • Lower training costs. Your employees will have access to key courses for a low annual fee of $295 per person. This fee allows access for 12 months to our most popular self-paced courses, up to ten courses per employee. Two courses may be taken at a time per employee.
  • Bottom line savings. No travel expense and time away from the office, no material cost and improved employee performance and productivity.
  • Time management. AWWA’s self-paced courses are not bound by geography or time; your organization can determine your desired training schedule based on products and employee schedules.
  • Real-time access. Your employees will have real-time access to their courses – anytime, anywhere.
  • Controlled learning. Our courses allow participants to move through the learning concepts at their own pace. Participants can be enrolled in two active courses at one time. Once a participant has started a course, he or she will have 90 days to complete it.

How do I purchase an Organizational Subscription?


For information, please contact the Education Services.