AWWA Strategic Plan

AWWA's 2030 Strategic Plan 

AWWA's Board of Directors approved the 2030 Strategic Plan which will help lead AWWA into the future.

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  • A better world through better water


  • Providing solutions to effectively manage water, the world’s most vital resource


  • Protect Public Health and the Environment
  • Strengthen Public Trust
  • Advance Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
  • Inspire Innovation
  • Engage Globally
  • Shape Water's Future

Strategic Goals

Strategic Objectives

Member Experience

AWWA will be the association of choice in the water community for member experience and professional growth

  • Enhance the value experience for existing and prospective members
  • Strengthen the relationship between the Association and its Sections to increase value and retain and recruit members
  • Champion a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging to empower members to better serve their unique communities
  • Boost opportunities for engagement among professionals from all water disciplines, international participants, and other water stakeholders

Organizational Stewardship

AWWA will effectively leverage its resources to advance its mission

  • Govern AWWA effectively, transparently, and accountably
  • Enhance the Association's financial health and its investments in the organization
  • Elevate the collaborative relationship between the Association and its Sections for effective operations
  • Optimize the Association's programs and policies for relevance, value, and strategic alignment
  • Invest in volunteer and staff leadership capabilities to support AWWA's long-term development

Knowledge Creation & Exchange

AWWA will be the world's leading and trusted resource on water

  • Create and share best practices, innovative solutions, and educational resources to enrich the water workforce and broader water community
  • Use transformational technology to deliver and expand access to AWWA's exceptional professional content
  • Provide inclusive and accessible opportunities for members, Sections, and global water professionals to collaborate, innovate, and exchange knowledge
  • Partner to develop forward thinking knowledge that fosters a successful and sustainable water future

Water Policy Leadership

AWWA will be the credible and influential voice in water

  • Use AWWA's scientific credibility to inform legislative and regulatory decision makers
  • Bolster public trust and appreciation for the value of water through effective communication and community engagement
  • Collaborate with sector partners, government representatives, and advocates to develop affordable, equitable, and sustainable policy solutions
  • Support Sections seeking to advance Association and state/provincial water policy objectives
  • Advance innovative policy solutions to solve water challenges