AWWA Strategic Plan

AWWA's 2025 Strategic Plan 

AWWA's Board of Directors approved the 2025 Strategic Plan which will help lead AWWA into the future.

For more information, read AWWA CEO David LaFrance’s column entitled "A Path Forward Together" in Journal AWWA.

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A better world through better water


Providing solutions to effectively manage water, the world’s most vital resource


Protect Public Health 
Safeguard the Environment 
Strengthen Public Trust
Advance Diversity and Inclusion
Share Best Practices 
Inspire Innovation 
Advance Access to Safe Water Globally


Strategic Goals

Strategic Objectives

Member Engagement
& Development

AWWA will be the association of choice
for the water community

  • Enhance the value experience for members 
  • Retain and grow membership across all member categories
  • Advance a culture of diversity and inclusion that is reflected in AWWA leadership and member experience
  • Work in partnership with Sections to enhance member engagement
  • Strategically focus resources for member value and growth

Organizational Stewardship 

AWWA will effectively use its resources to serve its members and the global water community


  • Ensure the long-term financial health of AWWA
  • Enhance the effectiveness of the business relationship between the Association and its Sections 
  • Continually evaluate the Association’s programs for relevance, value and investment in the future 
  • Leverage technology to provide greater value to the Sections and AWWA members
  • Continue to develop the volunteer leadership's ability to guide and oversee AWWA

Knowledge Creation
& Exchange

AWWA will be the trusted, authoritative resource on water



  • Advance and expand AWWA's Total Water Solutions resources for the water community
  • Provide educational programs and knowledge resources through increased collaboration between the Association and its Sections
  • Increase the use of technology through which AWWA and its members create and share knowledge resources
  • Enhance opportunities for global water professionals to connect and exchange knowledge and experiences

Water Policy
& Leadership 

AWWA will be recognized as the valued and credible voice for water


  • Leverage AWWA’s credibility with decision makers
  • Strengthen public trust in water services and support for the value of water
  • Enhance member and Section capabilities to advance AWWA's policies and leadership at the state and provincial level 
  • Strategically collaborate to advance AWWA's water policy
  • Identify priority risks to safe water and advance policies to address them