One AWWA Operator Scholarship

One AWWA Operator Scholarships Fund Veteran Education

AWWA Sections and Water Equation partner to distribute educational funding to water and wastewater operators in North America. Over the past 4 years the program has awarded $85,000 to 67 water professionals for certifications, training, conference attendance, tuition and books. A Section can award one $2000 scholarship to one recipient or elect to create various levels of scholarship based on need. For instance, a water operator recently received a $255 for an online course. This made a significant difference to her education budget! AWWA’s Water Equation will fund 50% of the amount of the award up to $1000.

The One AWWA Operator Scholarship is making an impact on those water and waste water operators pursuing advanced degrees, but it is very valuable to you and your Section to use the stipend to invite the professionals to conferences, short courses, and other events where they can accrue their CEUs. Bringing water operators into your community is key to keeping them engaged and helping in their career promotions. 

Do you know that One AWWA Operator Scholarships may also be used for management training courses? There are several online classes available through AWWA’s Veteran’s initiative encourages those recently retired or discharged from the military to train for water operator certification due to the similarities in many of the military duties. While the GI Bill is available for education and training for veterans, there are some limitations to it. states: “The amount of tuition & fees covered by the GI Bill is determined by your Post-9/11-GI Bill entitlement percentage which is based on the number of months you have served on active duty after September 10, 2001. For example, if you have served 24 months active duty after September 10, 2001 your GI Bill percentage is 80%. If you are attending a public school as an in-state resident and the tuition is $10,000 a semester you would have 80% of your tuition and fees or $8,000 paid by the Post-9/11 GI Bill. Active duty time can also include Title 10 mobilizations for reservists & guard members.”

The One AWWA Operator Scholarship is available throughout the career of the water & wastewater operator with no restrictions based on longevity in the position. It provides for continued education in either technical or management skills.

Volunteers located in each AWWA section are available to assist individual Veterans interested in the water sector. They can give advice and help connect Veterans to training and job opportunities in your region. Connect to a liaison in your local section by e-mailing

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