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This compendium of recent articles on the issue of affordability, from AWWA and WEF publications and events, was distributed at the 2018 Transformative Issues Symposium on Affordability.


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Assessing the Affordability of Federal Water Mandates (PDF, 2013)
A joint issue brief from the US Conference of Mayors, the American Water Works Association and the Water Environment Federation. The mayors and water organizations also released an Affordability Assessment Tool for Federal Water Mandates to help communities consider the many factors impacting affordability and fully understand the implications of the federal water mandates they face. The tool includes worksheets to help communities accurately discern the burden of higher water bills on households at different income levels and with various demographic characteristics. 

Affordability Assessment Tool for Federal Water Mandates (PDF, 2013)
Workbook 1 (XLS)
Workbook 2 (PDF)
Workbook 3 (XLS)
Workbook 4 (XLS)
Workbook 5 (XLS)

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