Partnership for Safe Water

Partnership for Safe Water

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The Partnership for Safe Water is an unprecedented alliance of six prestigious drinking water organizations. The Partnership’s mission is to improve the quality of water delivered to customers by optimizing water system operations. The Partnership offers self-assessment and optimization programs so that operators, managers and administrators have the tools to improve performance above and beyond even proposed regulatory levels.

Ready to optimize your utility’s operations and performance, all while protecting public health and strengthening public trust?

The Partnership for Safe/Clean Water have been creating a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence for more than 25 years. Turn to trusted assessment tools, guidebooks, and accountability to help you maximize efficiency and build the future of water.

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Partnership for Safe Water Subscribers have access to secure online account management and a data reporting tool.

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Treatment Plant Optimization

Treatment plants have consistently improved water quality and received valuable recognition with customers and regulators. Utilities report performance improvement without major capital spending.

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Distribution System Optimization

The Distribution System Optimization Program provides resources for assessment and improvement of drinking water distribution system operations and performance.

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Awards & Recognition

Partnership for Safe Water awards provide positive recognition throughout the water community. 

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Our Partners

The Partnership for Safe Water is an unprecedented alliance of seven drinking water organizations:



The Partnership for Safe Water’s mission is to improve the quality of drinking water delivered to customers by optimizing water system operational and management activities.


The Partnership’s goal is to help utilities optimize treatment plant & distribution system operations to improve water quality and protect public health. We offer self-assessment and optimization programs that guide utilities to improving performance above and beyond even proposed regulatory levels.


Why join the Partnership? See the benefits for your plant and community.

  • Optimization. Plants completing the self-assessment reduce combined filter effluent turbidity by an average of more than 60%. Benchmarking leads to year-over-year improvement and operational efficiencies.
  • Recognition. Partnership awards spotlight high-performance, strengthening community relationships and public trust.
  • Networking and growth. The Partnership staff and network of utility volunteers are here for you to provide coaching and mentoring. Learn from top water industry professionals and join a network of utility leaders dedicated to the highest level of water quality.


There are four phases of Partnership programs:

  • Commitment. Utilities plan to participate, apply, and submit fees.
  • Baseline data collection. Utilities provide baseline data, establishing current performance so future improvements may be quantified.
  • Self-assessment. Utilities complete a comprehensive treatment plant or distribution system self-assessment & provide a completion report, reviewed by industry experts, to become eligible for the Directors Award.
  • Optimized systems (optional). Utilities achieve Presidents or Excellence level awards upon submission of additional data reports demonstrating optimized performance. 

Annual Fees

Fees charged for both Treatment and Distribution Programs
Utility Population Served Annual Fees
> 700,000 $3,820
525,001 - 700,000 $2,865
350,001 - 525,000 $1,910
175,001 - 350,000 $1,380
88,001 - 175,000 $1,060
35,001 - 88,000 $640
18,001 - 35,000 $320
< 18,000 $50

*Partnership fees cost utility customers less than 1 penny per year*