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water distribution systems model calibration

Handbook for Water Distribution System Model Calibration

This handbook provides information regarding the water distribution system hydraulic models used in water distribution systems.

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M25 Geomembrane

M25 Geomembrane Floating Cover and Liners for Potable-Water Reservoirs

Operations manual for the selection and use of geomembrane linings and floating covers...

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Water Supply Wells

Water Supply Wells: Siting, Drilling, and Construction

AWWA's top engineering reference for municipal water suppliers on locating, drilling, constructing, operating...

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AWWA C206-23 Field Welding of Steel Water Pipes

This standard describes manual, semiautomatic, and automatic field welding by the metal arc-welding processes for steel...

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Exam Prep App allows you to take studying on the go wherever and whenever it is most convenient. App allows you to sort questions by type, track your progress, study offline and best of all…it’s free to download. App is available for iOS, Android and web devices. 



Standard Methods

Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater allows you to stay on the forefront of water quality. It is the latest and most comprehensive resource for water analysis. Book includes almost 400 methods that have all been verified by industry experts.


Journals & Magazines

Journal AWWA, Opflow, and AWWA Water Science provide timely information and research to help water professionals protect public health and provide safe, clean drinking water. AWWA members receive complimentary subscriptions to all three.



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