Professional Development

Reach your Professional Goals with AWWA

Developing professional vision, awareness and skills helps raise all ships in the water industry. You can turn to AWWA for your career advancement with our trustworthy, research-based education, support for licensing and certification. 

water operator


Operators are the front-line problem-solvers for a utility. If you are interested in a job as a water operator or looking to advance your career, AWWA can help you. Designed by experts, our training resources can assist you with your distribution system O&M challenges, workplace safety and improving treatment processes. 


Water engineers are convergent thinkers responsible for all facets of water and wastewater treatment including design, distribution and collection. Whether you work at a water utility, consult in a design capacity or if you are a process engineer, you rely on AWWA to help you expand your skillset in specialized areas to solve a specific utility problem at hand.

Utility Managers

Utility management is a tough job. We can help! For starters, you are responsible for the daily operations and maintenance, managing budgets, consumption, following government regulations and managing staff. And that’s all before you take on your real challenge – overseeing your facility to ensure a safe water supply for everyone in your region.