Learn from the Experts with a Live Webinar

Webinars include a panel of experts who deliver up-to-date information on timely topics, accompanied by live Q&A. If you are unable to attend the live webinar, the archived video is also automatically made available to all who register, for 30 days after the air-date. Annual subscriptionsgroup registrations and past-years' bundles are also available. Scroll down for important CEU Credit information, registration and pricing.


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Upcoming Webinars


SubscriptionGoldRibbon.PNG  Gold star indicates inclusion in the Individual Annual Subscription. A 'Group' Annual Subscription is also available with enhanced benefits. See details below or Learn More.

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Webinar subscriptions offer you or your team the ability to view an entire year of webinar content on a variety of water topics presented by the top subject matter experts in the industry. 

Special Series

Join us for the 2021 Membrane Master Class webinar series or view the 2020 Contaminants of Concern webinar series. (Special programming, not included in annual subscription).

COVID-19 Webinars

Available now! Watch our recent free webinars for utility resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.



  • View the full upcoming webinar schedule
  • After you have identified which webinar you would like to attend, determine if you are viewing as an individual or group. If viewing as an individual, click on “add to cart.” If viewing as a group, select the upgrade option and click on “add to cart.” 
  • Upon receiving your AWWA confirmation email you will need to register with GoToWebinar by following the email instructions. 
  • When you register with GoToWebinar, you will be required to enter the AWWA order number in the order field. The order number appears in your confirmation email at the top of the form. 
  • Once you register with GoToWebinar, you will receive automatic approval to the webinar. 
  • NOTE: If you are not the individual viewing the webinar, it is your responsibility to forward the order confirmation and the hand-out link to the viewer. Your access link to the webinar may be denied if you enter incorrect information in the order number field.

Technology Requirements

Most AWWA Webinars are held in GoToWebinar. At least one day in advance please use the two links below to test your system for each type of webinar hosted by AWWA. 
Check your system compatibility:
How do I know which webinar type I'm joining?
The webinar confirmation email includes a link to the system requirements page. Depending on the webinar type, you'll be taken to the system check page for a Standard (formerly called "Classic") webinar, Webcast webinar, or Recorded (formerly called "Simulated Live") webinar. You can also reach out to the webinar organizer and ask what type of webinar they scheduled.

Contact us 

Register through Customer Service at 1.800.926.7337 (Option 1). Phone registration is accepted until 8:45 a.m. MT on the day of the live webinar. 

If you have payment or registration questions or you have not received payment confirmation of your registration, email AWWA Customer Service or call 800.926.7337 (Option 1) or, if outside the United States and Canada, 1.303.794.7711 (Option 0). If you have questions or issues with the archive, please contact Education Services.

Certificates of Completion

For licensed operators, please note that only some states will accept webinars for continuing education. Every state is different, and you are responsible for knowing the requirements for your unique situation prior to registering. 

For most webinars, each live attendee will receive a Certificate of Completion. Please note that a certificate does not guarantee that your agency will award you credit. Instructions to access certificates is below. It is the individual's responsibility, before registering for any education program, to contact his/her licensing agency: 1. To confirm that the education program is acceptable for continuing education credit towards your particular license; and 2. To confirm what you need to submit for credit approval. You must contact your specific licensing agency for details.

AWWA recommends that you:
Contact the agency 30 days prior to attending training
Ask your agency about its relevancy criteria
Ask your agency if the training format is approved (online vs. in-person)
Find out what credit the agency approves
Find out what you need to do in order to receive credit
Find out whether you must submit an application prior to attending or submit handouts, etc., after training
Learn More about continuing education

Certificates of Completion - Instructions

How to access your Continuing Education certificate

  1. Wait 30-60 days after a program,  then access your AWWA account here (www.awwa.org)
  2. Login using your User Name and Password (or reset if forgotten)
  3. Click on your name/profile in the upper right of the screen
  4. Select 'My Transcripts' from the left-hand navigation menu
  5. Select 'Download Certificate'

If you are having problems with login, please call 800.926.7337 or email Customer Service for assistance. Please read the disclaimer below. Please allow us 30-60 days for certificate processing time.

Calculate Hours

CE Credits

0.1 CEU = 1 Contact Hours

1 Contact Hour = 60 minutes of instruction (not including breaks)

How to convert CEUs:

  • Convert CHs to CEUs by dividing CHs by 10 (e.g., 3.5 CHs = 0.35 CEUs)
  • If value is past tenth place, round up or down (0.35 becomes 0.4 CEUs; 0.72 becomes 0.7 CEUs).
  • Use Credit Label Conversion Chart for converting AWWA CE Credits into other labels.

Professional Development Hours (PDHS)

1 PDH = 60 min

  • AWWA does not record PDHs, maintain records or provide certificates because agencies allow manual documentation
  • AWWA does provide a form for students to manually track their PDHs
  • Agencies can convert CE Credits into PDHs: 1.0 CEUs = 10 PDHs



Webinars are priced by individual and group rates

As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, webinar group registration will temporarily allow for webinar access through multiple computer log-ins. Please follow the instruction in your confirmation email if you complete a group registration to receive access to your multiple log-ins. As always, all webinar registrations will receive access to the archive webinar. You can earn CEUs or PDHs with AWWA webinars - Learn how

AWWA Members Nonmembers
Student Registration- $25 Student Registration - $120
Individual Registration (1 Individual/1 certificate) - $75 Individual Registration(1 individual/1 certificate) - $120
Group Registration (2 or more people) - $255 Group Registration (2 or more people) - $370
Full Year Individual Subscription (1 individual) - $900 Full Year Individual Subscription (1 individual) - $1,500
Full Year Group Subscription (2 or more people) - $2,400  Full Year Group Subscription (2 or more people) - $3,750

Cancellation Policy
When you purchase a license you are automatically entitled to view the archived webinar for 30 days, so don’t worry if you can’t make the broadcast date. If you would like to cancel your purchase entirely, AWWA offers a partial refund on advance cancellations.

If you have a conflict and are unable to view the webinar on the date scheduled, the purchase of a site or single registration allows you to view an archived version of the webinar for up to 30 days following the broadcast date. However, if you still wish to cancel your registration in advance of the webinar, you will be entitled to a partial refund according to the following schedule.

If canceled

  • Three business days or more prior to the webinar date – 75% refund
  • Two business days through the webinar broadcast start time – no refund
  • Any time after the webinar broadcast – no refund

All cancellations must be in writing and must include:

  • Name of registrant
  • Membership number (if applicable)
  • Email address

Mail or fax your cancellation request to AWWA Customer Service at 303.347.0804. Questions? Call 1.800.926.7337 (Option 1)

AWWA utilizes the GoToWebinar platform. A webinar participant will need to review the GoToWebinar System Requirements prior to the webinar day to ensure smooth viewing.

Past-years webinars

This option allows you to purchase a recent year's worth of webinar content for a significantly discounted cost. The topics are still considered timely, with a wide range of technology, management and operations topics. 

2020 Webinar Bundle

Learn from all of AWWA’s 2020 webinars and get a grasp on some of the most important topics in the water industry. This bundle includes insights from industry leaders on everything from water loss fundamentals to source water protection and potable reuse. See below for a complete list of the 2020 webinars and register today to gain access!

  1. The Evolving Challenge of DBPs and What to Do About It
  2. LCR Revisions and Corrosion Control Basics
  3. Potable Reuse: Federal and State Perspectives
  4. Utility Actions to Sustain Operations During COVID-19
  5. Water Data Nerd
  6. Be a Trusted Source: How to Handle Communication Challenges During COVID-19
  7. Legal Aspects of COVID-19 for Water Utilities
  8. Drought Preparedness and Response
  9. COVID-19 Implications to Operations, Compliance & Training
  10. Facing the New Normal for Credit and Collections During COVID-19
  11. What’s New with Cyanobacteria and Cyanotoxins: A Review of Leading Research
  12. An Experiment in Environmental Leadership: Denver Water Variance Experience
  13. Manganese: Exploring Treatment Technologies
  14. COVID-19's Financial Impact on Water Utilities
  15. Regulatory Concerns and Updates for Inorganic Contaminants
  16. Corrosion Control
  17. Strategies for Understanding and Managing Risk from Lead
  18. The Development and Application of Level of Service
  19. Workforce and COVID-19: Utility Solutions
  20. Returning to Service: Addressing Water Quality in Buildings with Low or No Use
  21. WOTUS and Maui – Parallel Developments Impact the Clean Water Act and Source Water Protection
  22. Current and Emerging Technologies for PFAS Treatment and Lessons Learned
  23. PFAS: Messaging, Managing Risk, and Testing for Unregulated Compounds
  24. Succession Planning: Lessons Learned from a Global Pandemic
  25. Cross Connection Control
  26. Bridging the Divide Between Bulk-to-trace Organics in Drinking Water
  27. Disinfection By-Products: Perspectives on Formation, Control and Mitigation
  28. Water Utilities & Finance: Getting Back to Business Post Pandemic
  29. Sustaining an Asset Management Program: What Works?
  30. Legal Issues Surrounding the Return of Workers and Contractors Post-Quarantine
  31. Inland Desalination and Concentrate Management
  32. Smart Water 2020: Building a Resilient Water Future
  33. Water Reuse: Back to the Basics
  34. Adding Utility Benchmarking to Your Continuous Performance Improvement Toolbox
  35. Applying Real-Time Hydraulic Models to Everyday Operations
  36. Innovation Roadmap for Utilities
  37. Getting the Lead Out: Legal Issues in EPA's Lead & Copper Rule: An AWWA Legal Community Virtual Roundtable Dialogue
  38. New AWWA Water Audit Software
  39. Watershed Protection and Military Installations
  40. A Closer Look at New and Not so New CEC’s: PFAS, Microplastics and Solvents
  41. Investigating ATP Analysis for Infrastructure Release for Service
  42. Community Engineering Corps
  43. Tools to Build Utility Source Water Protection Programs
  44. Will COVID-19’s Impact on Water Utility Finances Linger? Perspectives from the Three Ratings Agencies
  45. AI For Plant Management: Leverage Big Data + Algorithms To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint & Energy Costs
  46. 2020 Regulatory Update

2019 Webinar Bundle During the COVID-19 restrictions, the 2019 bundle is FREE for members (normally $295) and $495 for non-members, and includes approximately 20 webinars. AWWA will provide Certificates of completion, and you may be awarded CEUs for AWWA trainings by your licensing agency. Please note that each state/province varies and this does not mean that your agency will award you credit. Please contact your state or province for specifics. 

2018 Webinar Bundle ($295 members/$495 non-members)

AWWA offers CE Credits/PDH Certificates

You may be awarded CEUs for AWWA trainings by your licensing agency. While trainings may be pre-approved for CE Credits in a given state/province, this does not mean that your agency will award you credit. You must contact your specific licensing agency for details. 

AWWA recommends that you:

Contact the agency 30 days prior to attending training
Ask your agency about its relevancy criteria
Find out what credit the agency approves
Find out what you need to do in order to receive credit
Find out whether you must submit an application prior to attending or submit handouts, etc., after training



Please contact Education Services