Water Audits and Non-Revenue Water Management

Newly Revised!


Managing the efficiency of water and financial resources has never been more important for water utilities than it is today.  This 2-day AWWA Seminar on Water Audits and Non-Revenue Water Management takes students in-depth through the best-practices of water auditing and loss assessment, data validation, key performance indicators, cost impacts, and mitigative measures for controlling apparent and real Losses.  The seminar is built as an intensive, hands-on event, and is taught by leading industry experts from the AWWA Water Loss Control Committee. 

What's new?  

*NEW* content based version 6.0 of the AWWA Free Water Audit Software and Manual M36 

*NEW* incorporation of recent AWWA developments in NRW management into the materials

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There are no 2023 Seminars booked, however please join us in December 2023 at the AWWA North American Water Loss Conference, which covers many of the same topics. 

Check back soon for 2024 dates for Water Audits and Non-Revenue Water Management Seminar!

Program agenda

Water scarcity and cost constraints are serious concerns for water utilities. Whether your driver is dwindling supply, stretching limited funds further, complying with regulatory requirements, or simply to be a best-in-class water utility, the case for managing water and revenue losses is compelling. Join us in Phoenix, Arizona on November 2 & 3 for an in-depth look. 

Schedule at a glance:

Day 1: Water audit and data validation process– Will include hands-on examples with attendees using personal computers to compile a sample water audit and related exercises. 

Day 2: The means to structure the loss control program as well as the means to economically control real losses (leakage) and apparent losses (uncaptured revenue).

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn and apply best-practice method for conducting the annual water audit
  • Learn and apply best-practice methods for data validation and data quality assessment
  • Gain competence with freely available software tools for water auditing and water loss assessment
  • Understand key performance indicators for water loss in terms of volume, value, and validity 
  • Understand causes and mitigative measures for apparent losses that result in uncaptured revenue
  • Understand causes and mitigative measures for real losses that result in wasted water and excess operational costs

Best-practices covered:

  • water auditing and loss assessment
  • data validation
  • key performance indicators
  • cost impacts
  • regulatory compliance

The Water Audits and Non-Revenue Water Management Seminar is built as an intensive, hands-on event, taught by leading industry experts from the AWWA Water Loss Control Committee. Register today! 



George Kunkel is Principal of Kunkel Water Efficiency Consulting, a firm that specializes in water loss control in drinking water utilities. He has over 37 years of water utility and consulting experience and led the successful water loss control program in Philadelphia for over 20 years. His work assists water utilities in compiling realistic water audits of their operations and designing cost-effective non-revenue water management strategies, including progressive leakage and pressure management, and revenue protection programs.  He is chair of the AWWA subcommittee for the M36 guidance manual on water loss control and is a co-author of the AWWA Free Water Audit Software. He was the recipient of the AWWA Peak Performance Award in 2016

Will Jernigan is a Director with Cavanaugh, an established leader in the fields of Water Loss Management and Bioenergy.  Will has over 20 years in the industry and was appointed in 2017 as the United States Expert to an international task force for developing the ISO Water Loss Standards. Will has led multi-year statewide Water Loss Technical Assistance Programs in Georgia and California and has worked with over 1,000 utilities in North America to conduct water audits,  water loss analysis and intervention.  Will serves in several leadership roles at AWWA, including Secretary for the Water Loss Control Committee, and Chair of its Software Subcommittee.