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Water is essential. Ensuring its safety and availability is crucial for the wellbeing of our future. The American Water Works Association (AWWA) and its dedicated contributors are at the fore front of this effort, working tirelessly to advance the water sector through education and knowledge exchange.

Your Knowledge = Powerful Change

One of the keyways AWWA accomplishes our mission of knowledge exchange is through conferences and educational programs built upon public Calls for Abstracts (CFAs). Then hosting respected events for water advocates and interested parties to share knowledge, findings, innovations, and skills.

AWWA actively encourages ALL to take part in this critical mission of knowledge exchange.

Submit an Abstract


What is an abstract?

An abstract is a short summary of a research paper, case study, best practice, or other focused idea that an interested party would like to present in front of an attentive audience. The abstract submission process allows AWWA to evaluate and select relevant presentations to meet specific event goals.

To see which programs are actively seeking submissions and further program details, please visit our Call for Abstracts page.

The Direct Benefits of Presenting with AWWA:

  1. Time to shine: Grab your "speaker" ribbon and put yourself out there! This will be a magnet for new connections.
  2. Future proof your career: A chance to put your name on the map and grab the attention of top players in your field.
  3. Social media magic: Use our event-specific tags and networks to help you break the internet and boost your online cred.
  4. Make an impact: You're making waves, and your groundbreaking research, innovation, or case study will inspire others.
  5. Perks: As a presenter, you'll get access to discounted registration rates at select events.
  6. Brand Recognition: Gain major exposure through a listing on the event website or as a session sponsor. Get in touch with our team to learn more! Exhibitor & Sponsor Resources

Click here to read through AWWA’s guidelines, expectations and best practices to put your best foot forward at one of our events.


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