| Water 2050 think tank report examines economics
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Water 2050 think tank report examines economics

Water 2050 Economics Think TankA new report generated as part of the Water 2050 initiative led by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) summarizes recommendations developed during a recent think tank focused on economics. 

The Water 2050 Economics Think Tank Report recommends actions in three broad categories:

  • Reimagine the water economy
  • Embrace innovative economic models
  • Mobilize the water community

Water 2050 Economics Think Tank participantsThe 26 participants in the Water 2050 Economics Think Tank met Jan. 23-25 in New York City. The group included highly respected experts from within and outside of the water sector, including those associated with manufacturing, consulting, regulation, academics, climate and financial services. The think tank opened with a video featuring the perspectives of AWWA young professionals regarding water affordability, supply, infrastructure and equity.

Water 2050 is a collaborative effort to envision the future of water and chart a course for sustainability. The fourth Water 2050 think tank, focused on governance, was held Feb. 27-March 1 in Washington, D.C. The fifth Water 2050 think tank addressing social and demographic factors will be April 26-28 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Information from the five think tank reports will be consolidated into a final Water 2050 summary, with highlights presented at AWWA’s 2023 Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE23) in Toronto.

To learn more or engage in AWWA’s Water 2050 initiative, visit the Water 2050 webpage.