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June 11-14, 2023  |  Toronto

ACE, where the water community comes together to learn, connect, and be inspired to solve global water challenges.


There is a priceless value in connecting with your peers in person. A palpable energy comes from the exciting innovation in the exhibit hall, and sessions pulsate with conversations that are a catalyst for change. Regardless of where you are in your career, there is something for everyone at ACE.

Planning for the future is a heroes’ journey. Be a part of the water revolution that addresses critical issues about the world’s most important resource. Water 2050 is an initiative to collaborate and champion a course for a successful and sustainable water community. AWWA brings vast resources for the water community but Water 2050, that’s for the future.

10,000 Attendees
   |    80 Countries
    |    1,000 Utilities
   |    6 Competitions

440 Premier Presenters
   |    450 Exhibitors

4 Days of Professional Tracks, Sessions & Continuing Education Opportunities





ACE23: The Future of Water is 2050

Water 2050, an AWWA initiative to collaborate and champion a course for a successful and sustainable water sector.

AWWA’s Water 2050 initiative seeks to establish a long-term vision of the future of water. This collaborative exploration will chart a course for a successful and sustainable water sector. We will engage in a thoughtful, intentional and inclusive discourse that results in bold, achievable goals.

Ultimately, Water 2050’s influence will extend beyond the water community, fostering partnerships and cross-sector collaboration for mutual and global benefit.

AWWA has identified five critical drivers that will influence progress toward a sustainable and resilient water future: sustainability, technology, economics, governance and social/demographic.

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What The Water Community Is Saying About ACE

"I enjoyed the opportunity to speak at the conference and be more connected to others in the industry. Learning how things are done in other parts of the country and receiving feedback is always a great opportunity for growth."

"AWWA ACE is the greatest opportunity we have as water professionals to learn the latest science and technology related to public water supply while interacting with friends and colleagues in our field from across the nation and around the world."

"In attending ACE you are able to hear from speakers from all over the world bring their education and experience to share in the hopes of helping all in the water and wastewater professionals."

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