| AWWA and partners present Source Water Protection Week to safeguard drinking water
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AWWA and partners present Source Water Protection Week to safeguard drinking water

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) invites water utilities, consumers and other partners to take part in the third annual Source Water Protection Week, Sept. 24-30. The campaign highlights the critical importance of safeguarding source water and ensuring access to clean and safe drinking water for everyone.

Throughout the week, AWWA and many other organizations – such as the Source Water Collaborative – will raise awareness about the importance of working together to protect drinking water sources. AWWA Source Water Protection Week materials are available to download, including social media graphics, suggested social media posts, case studies, educational videos and more.

"Source Water Protection Week serves as a powerful platform to educate, engage and unite stakeholders in a shared mission to protect our source waters," said Chi Ho Sham, past president of AWWA. "By highlighting the significance of source water protection, AWWA aims to foster sustainable practices that will benefit present and future generations."

The campaign supports programs that protect drinking water sources such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs and groundwater from pollution, which is the most effective and least expensive way to keep drinking water safe and healthy. It also seeks to foster collaboration and partnerships with various stakeholders, including agriculture, forest management, local businesses and land developers.

More information about Source Water Protection Week is available here and campaign materials are available to download here.


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