AWWA offers DVDs for safety training, operator training, consumer education and more! 

Clips and previews from videos can be found on the AWWA YouTube Page

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Why use AWWA Videos?

  • Safety Training. Safety is a No. 1 priority that must be covered appropriately and regularly. Videos are an easy way to keep safety top-of-mind with your staff all year long—just present them throughout the year whenever you have the time.
  • Operator Technical Training. Need staff to brush up on proper jar-testing techniques or pump disassembly before they head into the field? AWWA videos have you covered with topic-specific training that goes into the science and practical application of many procedures.
  • Operator Certification. Math and chemistry video tutorials are useful for people who hesitate to crack open large textbooks for information they need.
  • Consumer and Youth Education. Inform consumers on popular topics such as water conservation and the importance of water treatment for public health. Youth topics are covered in a captivating way with animations and child actors.