AWWA Free Water Audit Software (Version 5.0) now available
August 11, 2014

The new AWWA Free Water Audit Software, version 5.0, brings significant improvements from prior generations of the software.

This spreadsheet-based water audit tool designed to help quantify and track water losses associated with water distribution systems and identify areas for improved efficiency and cost recovery. The tool is still founded upon the principles of the M36 Water Audit methodology, but with an enhanced user interface. Improvements have been made to the Water Supplied calculations to align with new content in the forthcoming M36, 4th Edition, 2015. 

Version 5.0 introduces a new Water Loss Dashboard with interactive graphical analyses as well as a new Comments page allowing the water auditor to capture essential information pertaining to the audit (data sources, assumptions, calculations, etc.).  In addition, the overall color scheme and layout have also been improved. 

Download the AWWA Free Water Audit Software today.