Ways to Give

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act

On March 27, 2020, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was signed into law. Totaling $2.2 trillion dollars, this bill was written to deliver much-needed relief for American families, workers, businesses, and nonprofits. The CARES Act is the third piece of support and stimulus placed in service to stave off the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States.

For the entire year of 2020, the limitation on how much of your charitable donations you can deduct against your income, no matter who you are or how much you give, has been lifted. Previously, it was a maximum of 60% for cash donations and 50% for non-cash contributions.

Under the CARES Act, these limitations have been removed for Federal income tax purposes. Additionally, anyone who donates up to $300, whether they itemize or not, can deduct that against other income for donations in 2020 (considered an “Above the Line” deduction).

Contact Michelle Hektor to make a legacy gift to AWWA’s Water Equation.

Give now

We value safe water and public health. Will you help to fund scholarships, leadership and safe water projects in the USA by donating to AWWA Water Equation?

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Giving through Donor Advised Funds

Have you heard of a DAF, but aren't sure how it can help you to plan your annual giving? Fidelity Charitable has accepted AWWA's Water Equation as a recognized philanthropy. It's video will explain how to receive the most from a DAF.

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Memorial and Honor Gifts

Honor your family, friends and loved ones by helping to fund the future of water with a gift to AWWA Water Equation.

Your generous, tax-deductible gift will help water operators, students and young professionals with continuing education in water technologies and provide engineering assistance to underserved communities through Community Engineering Corps.

When you make a gift to the Water Equation, your loved one will receive a beautiful card sent by email or by postal mail letting them know about the gift in their name. There are many special occasions where a a gift to AWWA Water Equation makes for the perfect gift: Memorials and bequests, Birthdays, Holidays, Celebrations, Milestones and achievements, Anytime, in honor of someone special.

For more information, email AWWA donations or call 303.734.3613.

Circle of Giving

What can a group of intelligent, caring and focused women accomplish? ANYTHING! That is the reason AWWA’s Water Equation is creating the Women for Water Circle of Giving to benefit youth programs in the water industry. 

Join us

The Plan

As a member of this illustrious group, you will be asked to suggest a youth program to fund to benefit students as well as the water industry. Your group vote will determine the programs to fund and the impact on your community and others across the nation.

Our Impact

100% of your gift will benefit youth programs selected by this circle of giving. Youth programs can include but are not limited to funding robotics contests, water tower building, high school programs, and transportation to/from water related field trips.

Join Now

Take your place amongst the Women for Water promote the water industry through youth programming. You can choose to make a monthly gift of $83.33, a quarterly gift of $250 or an annual gift of $1,000 by June 1, 2020 on our Women for Water website.

Other ways to give include

  • Mail a check to AWWA Water Equation at 6666 W. Quincy Ave, Denver, CO 80235
  • Contact Michelle Hektor at 303.734.3613 for information to wire your tax-deductible donation from an IRA
  • Contribute through Fidelity Investment Charitable Donor Advised Fund


Giving Circles

A giving circle is a group of donors who focus their philanthropic efforts on their common identity or shared experience. The 1881 Society includes the following giving circles, based on cumulative giving. Members of the 1881 Society have given a minimum of $1,000 annually.

Stripe Circle: $50,000 and above
Koch Circle: $40,000-$49,999
Hazen Circle: $30,000-$39,999
Beller Circle: $20,000-$29,999
Lichtenburg Circle: $10,000-19,999
Leal Circle: $5,000-$9,999
Rook Circle: $3,000-$4,999

An annual gift to The Water Equation is required to maintain active 1881 Society membership. For more information, email AWWA donations or call 303.734.3613.


Your assets remain with you during your lifetime. Wills are simple and inexpensive to prepare. There is no upper limit on the estate tax deductions that can be taken for charitable bequests. You can designate to which programs you would like these funds to be donated.

Charitable Remainder Trust

You receive an immediate income tax deduction for some of your contribution to the trust. As long as you are one of the beneficiaries, you pay no immediate capital gains tax on any appreciated assets you donate. You or your designated beneficiaries receive fixed payments for life or a term of years. This gift benefits you now and AWWA later.

Charitable Lead Trust

This trust helps lower estate and gift taxes that would otherwise be due on the value of the assets. This charitable vehicle is especially attractive if you wish to leave assets to children or grandchildren in the future. All appreciation that takes place in the trust goes tax-free to your heirs.

Charitable Gift Annuity

In exchange for a gift of cash, marketable stock, or securities, AWWA will pay your income for life. In addition you may receive a substantial income tax reduction in the year of the gift, and a portion of the annual payment you received is not taxed. Upon the death of the beneficiaries, the remainder goes to the American Water Works Association.

Deferred Gift Annuity

You receive an immediate income tax deduction for a portion of your gifts. You can postpone your annuity payments until you need them. The longer you defer your payments, the higher the effective rate you will receive. The principal grows tax-free. This can be an excellent retirement planning vehicle to implement during prime income producing years.

Gift of Life Insurance

You receive a gift credit and an immediate income tax reduction for the cash surrender value for the policy. You can make a significant gift now to AWWA without adversely affecting your cash flow. You may remove the proceeds from the donor’s taxable estate upon death.

Gifts of Real Estate

You may receive a tax deduction for the full market value, minimize capital gains taxes, and remove the asset from future estate taxes. You can continue to live in and maintain the property as usual, and receive any income it generates. This arrangement creates an immediate income deduction and a federal estate tax deduction.

Retirement Accounts and Pension Plans

You can escape both income and estate tax levied on the residual left in your retirement account by leaving it to AWWA. You can continue to take withdrawals during your lifetime. You also can elect to leave retirement plan assets to AWWA through your will or revocable trust, instead.