Digital Twins

Digital Twins

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Today, digital twins can leverage static and live data streams such as SCADA, IoT, and AMR/AMI data to more precisely describe system performance, enable insights, and drive actionable outcomes for users.  Digital twins can also be effectively used to leverage the power of artificial intelligence for improved decision making.

Operators are leveraging the benefits of a digital twin of their system. Models run in the control room can be used to test responses to emergencies such as fires, pipe breaks, and power outages. Before or during an emergency, operators can contact engineers and request that they model scenarios to help respond with current challenges.


What is a Digital Twin for Water

AWWA and SWAN teamed up to develop a unified definition for digital twins that is:

"A digital, dynamic system of real-world entities and their behaviors using models with static and dynamic data that enable insights and interactions to drive actionable and optimized outcomes."

Applications of Digital Twins

The value of digital twins can be realized across the complete water cycle, and across the complete asset lifecycle.

From planning & modeling, to design, construction and operations applications of digital twins are being used. Examples include real-time operational optimization twins, construction progress twins, and asset health twins.

How Can I Learn More?

Many resources are available and range from written articles to webinars and conference proceedings. Many resources are available on this site, and there are ongoing opportunities to collaborate and learn from water professionals on digital twins.

Consider joining a committee or participating in an upcoming workshop to learn more!

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  • Digital Twins for Small Systems - Presented in 2023
  • Utility Perspectives on Digital Twins - Presented in 2022


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The following committees are active in addressing Digital Twin issues:


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