Access to envoi is coming soon!

envoi is the authoritative, go-to source for water sector professionals to gain access to the most relevant, accurate and up-to-date technical information in the industry. The envoi digital platform, developed by AWWA, grants subscribers 24/7 access to PDF and HTML versions of AWWA Standards, Manuals, and technical content.

Our Platform Features

Stay Up-to-Date

Includes the most recent document so you can be sure you are working with the latest information. Set alerts for new and revised documents.

Bookmark, annotate and share

Easily share notes and annotations with your coworkers. Work more efficiently by bookmarking frequently visited documents and linking related documents.

Redline feature

Color-coded version comparison of documents allows you to see what has changed. Track relevant changes in your active and historical documents.

Download, print, and compare

Documents are available 24/7 and can be printed and/or downloaded for offline use.


American Water Works Association (AWWA) utility and service provider members who currently receive the AWWA Standards, on CD or in print, as part of their member benefit package will be the first to gain access to a new platform – envoi. In 2020 the platform will have general availability.

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User Testimonials

"The convenience of having all Standards in one location compared to volumes of books is wonderful."


"It's helpful to be able to perform a search and find the Standard that you need quickly and easily."


"We no longer have to worry about our staff using out-of-date Standards."


Training and Support Documents


How to Search  


Using Redlines


Using Annotations