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Easy Access to Standards & Manuals

What is envoi? envoi is a comprehensive library for online technical content, making it the go-to source for information on all things water. envoi replaces the AWWA standards CD benefit of your organization membership and provides access to 190+ current ANSI-accredited AWWA standards online.

190+ ANSI-Accredited Standards

AWWA Standards are consensus- documents created by volunteer committees and accredited by ANSI. They offer minimum requirement guidelines on all facets of water. 

Standards are available on envoi for AWWA Member Organizations and their employees. 

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Expert-Crafted Technical Reports

AWWA creates a variety of technical reports on the most important topics in water to provide you with the thought leadership and knowledge you need for your day-to-day work. 

Technical reports are available on envoi to all AWWA members. You will need a valid awwa.org login to access.

60+ Manuals of Practice

AWWA Manuals of Practice are consensus documents written and reviewed by expert volunteers. They provide strategies and steps for water system optimization. 
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The complete set of Manuals is available for AWWA member organizations and their employees. It can be added to your envoi subscription – contact us for pricing and to purchase.

Historic AWWA Standards

Access all the historic versions of AWWA standards in one complete package as an invaluable add-on to you Current AWWA Standards subscription.

All historic standards are available for AWWA member organizations and their employees. It can be added to your envoi subscription – contact us for pricing and to purchase. Adding historic standards to your subscription allows you to use the redline feature so you can compare different versions of standards side by side.


Conference Proceedings

Nearly 6,000 Conference Proceedings
Abstracts and presentations from 2015 through present-day are available. They cover the most current industry topics, issues, and trends from AWWA in-person events.

Trending Content on envoi

Disinfecting Water Mains Standard


AWWA C651-14 Disinfecting Water Mains

Disinfecting Water Storage Facilities


AWWA C652-19 Disinfection of Water-Storage Facilities

Coating Steel Water-Storage Tanks


AWWA D102-21 Coating Steel Water-Storage Tanks



AWWA A100-20 Water Wells Standard

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