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Introducing the new digital platform for accessing data on water rates! Now, you can easily compare your rates to meet revenue goals or compare with others in the area, all with just a few clicks. The updated digital platform provides a user-friendly interface, making it simple to access data on water rates from anywhere at any time.

  • Is your utility’s rate structure meeting your revenue goals?
  • How does your rate structure compare with other utilities in your geographic region?
  • How do your rates compare with other similar-sized utilities?
  • What are the current trends in utility rates?

The Water and Wastewater Rate Survey will help your utility answer these critical questions and more. It provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date water and wastewater utility rate and financial data and analyses available.

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About the Water and Wastewater Rate Survey

The Water and Wastewater Rate Survey collects key rate, financial, and operating information from a broad swath of utilities across the country. Previously conducted every two years, the administration of the Rate Survey has been redesigned to update rate information every six months, providing more timely data. Moreover, this new survey design now draws from a set of 500 water and wastewater utilities, intended to capture a representative geographic distribution of utilities across all 50 states.

The Rate Survey is developed by AWWA and Raftelis. University of North Carolina’s Environmental Finance Center (EFC) performed data collection.

What’s New

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You know and value the Rate Survey that AWWA and Raftelis have partnered on for more than two decades. Now, explore the enhancements and updates the digital subscription offers.

  • Rate data updated every six-months (previously two-years).
  • Users can compare peer customer bills at any consumption level.
  • 500 water and wastewater utilities across all 50 states contribute data.
  • Filters, or slicers, are incorporated to easily see peer comparisons and summary quartiles and averages of rate and customer bill data, including by region, state, population, number of accounts, or overall size based on annual flow estimates.
  • Full income statement and balance sheet information is available for the first time.
  • Users can evaluate this key financial data by a similar set of filters described above or by incorporating normalizers, which allow the user to look at operating data per account or total debt per population served.

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