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Have an innovative idea to help the water sector advance public health, safety, the economy, or the environment? AWWA offers multiple platforms for sounding your conclusions with water industry thought leaders.

Get heard today by contributing your expertise to AWWA's publications and proceedings. 


Showcase Your Work


Opportunities to Show Your Work

Present at a Conference or Event

Present your knowledge at our industry events. Speaking at a conference offers increased networking opportunities, additional company exposure, and the chance to expand your individual influence.


Present Your Operations Idea in Opflow

Opflow is the water community's primary network for operator-level workers. The award-winning magazine presents new and established technologies and ideas that readers can apply to their operations.

Showcase Your Research in AWWA Water Science

AWWA Water Science publishes original, peer-reviewed research on the science, engineering, and social aspects of water, bridging the gap between theory and practice for safe, sustainable water.


Turn Your Ideas Into a Book

AWWA publishes books on new ideas, stories, and information that further the water industry and offer a new perspective.

Contribute to Journal AWWA with a Feature or Column

Journal AWWA is the voice of the American Water Works Association and serves as a forum for thought leaders in the water and wastewater industry to learn about critical issues affecting water.

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