Women in Water

Women in the Water Sector

AWWA has a long history of recognizing women leaders in the water sector. 

Here you will find handouts from these events as well as other resources related to supporting women in the water sector. These resources have been prepared by AWWA staff and other organizations such as The World Bank and Society of Women Engineers.

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Women in Water Utilities: Breaking Barriers

That women are mostly absent as actors in managing water resources and water infrastructure presents both a challenge and an untapped opportunity the world over. Encouraging and facilitating women’s employment in the water sector are areas through which we can make a dent in gender inequality.  This report from the World Bank  lays out examples of opportunities and approaches that water and sanitation service providers can adopt to reduce and eliminate the barriers that women confront in entering and working in the water sector.

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Equal Aqua is a collaborative platform that aims to deepen the dialogue on gender diversity and inclusion in water sector jobs by connecting utilities, associations, representatives from the private sector, academia and local and international organizations and benchmarking gender inclusion in water organizations. 

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Women in Water Utilities data tool


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources

AWWA Diversity Center

The mission of AWWA's Diversity Center if to assist AWWA in creating a diverse membership and establishing an organizational environment that recognizes, encourages, celebrates, and effectively utilizes each individual member's talent.

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JournalAWWA Articles

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They Say Women Drink Water Too (JAWWA, May 2022)

Women and Water: Making Waves in the Industry (JAWWA, April 2022)

Supporting Women in the Water Sector and Sanitation Sector (JAWWA, April 2021)

AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition 

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