Infrastructure Funding


Water service contributes to nearly every aspect of our lives, from public health to productivity and economic development. Much of the infrastructure that supports our water is aging and in need of repair or replacement. Major infrastructure projects typically require more money than local utilities have on hand. That is why they look for low-cost loans or similar tools such as tax-exempt municipal bonds, public-private partnerships, the state revolving loan fund (SRF) or more recently, the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) program to finance projects.


What's Happening Now?

Congress and the Trump Administration have committed to crafting a plan to help address communities’ infrastructure needs. AWWA will be working to ensure that any plan to invest in infrastructure includes real funding and other types of assistance for critical water projects across the country. AWWA is also working to evaluate the state revolving funds and develop recommendations on streamlining processes and implementation at the state and federal level.