Quality of Water Supply Sources

AWWA Policy Statement on Quality of Water Supply Sources

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) strongly supports securing drinking water from the best sources available and protecting those sources to the maximum degree possible, even when there are competing uses of a water supply. AWWA is committed to protecting public health through scientific research on water quality.

AWWA strongly believes that the quality of all existing and prospective sources of drinking water supply should be protected, maintained, and improved. Protecting source waters from contamination serves as one of the multiple barriers to ensure high quality drinking water. Preventing source water contamination is a more effective and sustainable approach to the ultimate goal of producing high quality drinking water than treating the resulting contaminated water.

AWWA recommends that source water protection plans be site‐specific and include source water assessments and technical, managerial, financial, and communication strategies to protect water quality.

AWWA recognizes that resource use and development should avoid and minimize the degradation of the affected source.

Practices specified in this policy statement are consistent with all other pertinent AWWA policy statements.

Adopted by the Board of Directors June 8, 1975, and withdrawn Jan. 25, 1987. Adopted by the Board of Directors June 19, 1988, and revised June 11, 2000, and June 15, 2003, and Jan. 21, 2007, and Jan. 17, 2010, and January 2017.