Home Treatment Devices

AWWA Policy Statement on Home Treatment Devices

AWWA acknowledges consumers may have unique water quality needs which may lead them to use a supplemental home water treatment device. AWWA encourages utilities to provide consumers with accurate information on the merits and limitations of supplemental water treatment devices to help them make informed decisions.

AWWA encourages water providers to be trusted resources for consumers and to communicate regularly with their customers about the quality and value of tap water. AWWA supports providing consumers with impartial information about supplemental water treatment and directing consumers to credible third-party sources, such as NSF International, Underwriters Laboratories and CSA International, that certify home treatment products for removal of contaminants and can provide similar guidance. This information should inform consumers of considerations associated with the purchase of a home supplemental water treatment device, include the water providers’ regular analysis of water quality, and adhere to both local primacy regulations and Safe Drinking Water Act standards.

In all cases, information about home supplemental water treatment devices should emphasize the importance of properly maintaining the home treatment devices so that consumers do not unknowingly affect the safety of their drinking water through improper maintenance.

Practices specified in this policy statement are consistent with all other pertinent AWWA policy statements.

Adopted by the Board of Directors Feb. 4, 1996, reaffirmed June 13, 2004, approved Jan. 17, 2010, and revised June 2013 and January 2018.