AWWA has introduced a convenient new process for renewing your membership and making payments. If you are within 90 days of your membership expiration date, a renewal notice from with payment details and a “Click to Pay” feature may already be in your email box. If not, you can request an email with a payment link by emailing us at

To pay over the phone, call our Accounts Receivable team at 1-800-926-7337, and then select option 1. We’re here to assist you every step of the way!

For individual members, you can also find the “click to pay” option under “Membership Renewal Status” in My Account.

Renew Your Membership
Since 1881, AWWA has been at the forefront of water issues, so we know that keeping up with all the changes in the water community can be overwhelming. AWWA supports you with knowledge, guidance, and a great peer network, so you don’t have to tackle these problems alone.

AWWA membership can be a powerful tool for any water professional. Renew your membership to continue having access to:

AWWA provides members with a library full of timely technical resources, training, and educational opportunities. No matter what stage in your career you are in, we have the tools you need. From our journals and magazines, Journal AWWA, Opflow, and AWWA Water Science to our technical reports, Manuals of Practice, ANSI-Accredited Standards, and books the information you need will be at your fingertips.

AWWA offers professional development opportunities for members. No matter your job title or organization’s size we have what you need. Continuing Education is offered throughout the year at conferences, eLearning courses, webinars, and seminars.

AWWA hosts a number of conferences and webinars throughout the year on a range of relevant topics for water professionals. These events are great opportunities to hear best practices from the experts and find solutions that will work when you collaborate with other water professionals.

Share your expertise and guidance with your peers by getting involved with AWWA. Share your research by submitting to one of our publications or presenting it at a conference, or volunteering for one of AWWA’s committees that develop and review manuals and standards.

A Great Peer Network
With a network of nearly 50,000 members, you’ll easily be able to connect with other water professionals locally, nationally, and internationally. Our members understand the sector’s challenges and are creating a community of dedicated professionals who support each other, public health, and a better world through better water.

AWWA’s 43 Sections, the geographic components of the Association, empower members to get involved on a local level. Each Section hosts its own conferences and trainings, offers scholarships, provides you with local news and information, and connects you with peers in your area.

AWWA has introduced a new renewal process and payment platform. To learn more about the new process, visit our Payment Help Page.