Diversity Center

Diversity is a force at work

Mission Statement: To assist AWWA in creating a diverse membership and establishing an organizational environment that recognizes, encourages, celebrates, and effectively utilizes each individual member's talents.


AWWA's Diversity & Inclusion Committee created a how-to guide to help you establish and operate a successful Diversity and Inclusion program.

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Workforce Diversity: Making the Connection

Recent Articles on Diversity from our AWWA Publications

AWWA Model Water Tower Competition Promotes Water Careers and Inclusion by Ari Copeland (May 2020)

Philadelphia Water Department's Effort to Make Diversity and Inclusion a Priority When Hiring Engineers by Alex Warwood (December 2019)

Building a Culture of Inclusion by Erin Davis (November 2019) 

Building Stronger Companies Through Inclusion by Rachel Gilbert (February 2019)

AWWA Diversity & Inclusion Award

AWWA recognizes the role of diversity as being essential to the growth, structure, and continued success of any organization. 

The Diversity & Inclusion Award recognizes the contributions of others to diversity in the water industry.


L'Oreal Stepney who works for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is the 2020 individual winner of the AWWA Diversity & Inclusion Award.