Section Small System Program Award

Section Small System Program Award



Illinois Section
  Initiating a Small System Committee of Stakeholders Program

Puerto Rico Section
  Strengthening Rural Communities Program

Kentucky-Tennessee Section
 Revival of Small Systems Section Committee

Award Criteria

Purpose of the award: To recognize AWWA sections for initiatives that promote small system compliance, quality water service, and involvement in AWWA. Also to profile programs that will encourage other AWWA sections to conduct comparable small system activities.

Granting of award: Up to three awards may be granted annually. Each award will consist of a plaque and $200 in cash to be used specifically toward funding small system development. Each section will be asked to indicate the anticipated use of the funds. No award will be granted if submissions do not merit such recognition.

Frequency of the award: Annually, if deserved.

Eligibility for the award: All AWWA sections are eligible. Any activity conducted by a section in training, assisting, or educating small systems during the past year is eligible. Each section will be eligible for only one award per year. Projects sponsored jointly with utilities or other organizations are eligible and are encouraged. However, small system activities conducted solely by utilities or other organizations are not eligible. Small System activities submitted must have been developed, administered, or introduced during the past year. Section resources will be considered by the award committee.

Entry requirements: The attached entry form should be completed and submitted to by a section wishing to be considered for the award not later than February 1. 

Nomination procedure: All nominations will be made to and then forwarded to the award committee.

Nomination or submission deadline: February 1.

Award committee membership: The committee shall consist of a chair and up to five other members, each appointed for a three-year term by the chair of the Small Systems Division. 

Method of selecting award recipient: The award committee will consider and evaluate each section entry on the following criteria:

Practical applicability for other AWWA sections
Benefits for small systems, the water industry, and the public

Winners will be selected on the basis of the above criteria from the nominations received by the submission date. The award committee may contact nominating sponsors to pose specific questions or for clarification of information on the nomination submitted.

Presentation of the award: Winners will be announced by April 15. Award certificates will be presented to the Small System Committee chairs of winning sections at the American Water Works Association Annual Conference and Exposition.