Publications Award

Publications Award

2021 Recipient

“Considerations for Large Building Water Quality After Extended Stagnation,AWWA Water Science, June 2020

Caitlin R. Proctor, William J. Rhoads, Tim Keane, Maryam Salehi, Kerry Hamilton, Kelsey J. Pieper, David M. Cwiertny, Michele Prévost, and Andrew J. Whelton

Award Criteria

Purpose of the AwardTo annually recognize and honor the most notable contribution, scientific or practical, to the public water supply profession as published in the Journal AWWA of the American Water Works Association.

The Award: An AWWA Publications Award Plaque to each author.

Frequency of the Award: Annually.

Eligibility for the Award: At least one of the authors must be an AWWA member at the time of publication and the article must be peer-reviewed.

Entry Requirements: The highest rated paper from each division as determined by the division award committees and published in the Journal AWWA during the previous calendar year.

Nomination Procedure: The Publications Award Committee reviews and rates the highest rated paper of each division published in the Journal AWWA during the previous calendar year. The single paper receiving the highest rating is nominated to receive the AWWA Publications Award and is submitted to the AWWA Executive Committee for its approval.

Nomination or Submission Deadline: The division award committees are to submit the highest rated paper to staff by January 15.  

Publications Award Committee Membership: The committee shall consist of four members, each appointed by the chair of the Technical & Educational Council, subject to Council approval, for a three-year term in successive years and may serve two three-year terms. The chair shall be appointed by the Technical & Educational Council chair.  A committee member, who is an author or co-author of a nominated paper, shall take a leave of absence from the committee until the winning paper has been declared by the committee. The immediate past chair of the committee will be asked to participate in the ratings. If an immediate past chair is not available, the chair of the Technical & Educational Council will appoint a member.

Ineligible to participate on this committee are current members of the TEC Division Boards of Trustees, as they participate in the Division Best Paper Award judging process.

Method of Selecting Award Recipient: Papers will be evaluated on the basis of the impact on water and public health benefits for both research and applications; timeliness of the contribution; and professional and editorial quality of the paper.

The AWWA Publications Award Committee shall select a potential author and submit the name to the AWWA Executive Committee for final approval.

Presentation of the Award: Awards will be presented at the Opening General Session of American Water Works Association Annual Conference and Exposition.