Jack W. Hoffbuhr Award

Jack W. Hoffbuhr Award

Geneva Hudgins

2023 Recipient

Geneva L. Hudgins
Virginia Section

Award Criteria


Purpose of the Award: To honor the legacy of Jack Hoffbuhr (retired Executive Director, AWWA) by recognizing outstanding performance and accomplishments by a Section professional staff member of AWWA.

The Award: An exquisite sculpture that embodies the essence of accomplishment and serve as a testament to the recipient's dedication and contributions. Each Jack Hoffbuhr award is accompanied by a personalized inscribed nameplate to honor and preserve the recipient's name and accomplishment.

Frequency of the Award: As deserved, but not more than one annually.

Eligibility for the Award: To qualify for the award the nominee must have shown continuous dedication above and beyond normal duties to Section business of AWWA by demonstrating loyalty, reliability, responsibility, leadership, and excellent service to the membership of the Section and Association.  In addition, the successful candidate must be viewed as a team player and a good communicator.

The section staff eligible for this award includes paid staff plus contract staff, part-time staff or staff that works for an Association Management Company employed by the section.  Since this is an award to recognize Section staff, Association staff members are ineligible for the award.

Nomination Procedure: A completed application may be submitted by any Section Chair or AWWA Director of the Section employing the staff member to the American Water Works Association, Attn:  Executive Dept., 6666 W. Quincy Avenue, Denver, CO 80235

Entry Requirements: Submission to the awards committee of a completed application and letters of commendation by the Section officers of AWWA.

Nomination or Submission Deadline: Nominations must be received by November 1 to be assured of receiving full consideration.

Award Committee Membership: The committee shall consist of the AWWA President, the Section Services Manager, the AWWA Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Denver, and the immediate past five recipients of the Jack Hoffbuhr Award.

Method of Selecting Award Recipient: The committee selects a candidate for the award and reports its nominee to the Board of Directors for approval at its winter meeting.

Presentation of the Award: The award will be presented at the American Water Works Association Annual Conference and Exposition or at another appropriate event.

Past Recipients

Romana Longo

Gailla Rogers
Missouri Section  

Bonnifer Ballard
Michigan Section

No award given

Priscilla “Peggy” Guingona
Florida Section

Mona Cavalcoli
Minnesota and New Jersey Sections

Dr. Timothy D. Worley
California Section

Alane Boyd
Intermountain Section

Bill Balfour
OWWA - A Section of AWWA

Kay Sanborn
Kentucky-Tennessee Section


Ray Raposa,
NEWWA - A Section of AWWA

Mike Howe
Texas Section

Laurie Dougherty
Illinois Section