Honorary Member Award

Honorary Member Award

2019 Recipients

David Koch, Illinois Section
Maureen Stapleton, California/Nevada Section

Award Criteria


Purpose of the Award: This award is presented each year to members "whose knowledge and accomplishments in the field of water supply entitle him/her to special recognition."  An Honorary Member shall have all the rights and privileges of an Active Member and shall be exempt from paying dues.

The Award: An Honorary Member Plaque.

Frequency of the Award: Annually.

Eligibility for the Award: All members of AWWA and others "whose knowledge and accomplishments in the field of water supply entitle him/her to special recognition."

Entry Requirements: Submit full name and address and complete biographical information on each nominee on the entry form provided by AWWA.

Nomination Procedure: Any member or section wishing to nominate an individual for Honorary Membership should submit biographical information (entry form) outlining his/her achievement to the American Water Works Association, Attn:  Executive Dept., 6666 W. Quincy Avenue, Denver, CO   80235. Nominees may remain under consideration for up to three years. Those who have not been selected within that time will be dropped from the list.  A candidate may be renominated.

Nomination or Submission Deadline: October 1.

Award Committee Membership: The committee shall consist of the last five (5) Past Presidents with the most recent Past President serving as chair.

Method of Selecting Award Recipient: The committee shall consider the qualifications of individuals nominated for Honorary Membership Award and shall report its recommendations to the Board of Directors prior to its winter meeting.  The maximum number of Honorary Members who may be elected in any single year shall be three (3).

Presentation of the Award: The award will be presented at the American Water Works Association Annual Conference and Exposition or at another appropriate event.

Past Recipients

Joseph T. Donahue 
Fred E. Maxey, Jr.

Larry W. Phillips

Jack M. G. Bryck
John L. Ford, Jr.
Karl F. Kohlhoff
Joseph H. Kuranz

ACWWA, A Section of AWWA
William M. Butler
William H. Gates

British Columbia
Douglas G. Neden
David J. Swanson
Peter B. Turgoose
John A. Wise

Dr. Bruce A. Macler
Chet Auckly
Walter J. Bishop
Jeanne-Marie Bruno
Linden R. Burzell
Edwin B. Cobb
Artis Dawson
John M. Gaston
Duane L. Georgeson
Jerome B. Gilbert
Arnold E. Greenberg
Kenneth D. Kerri
Gordon L. Laverty
Thomas J. Linville
Leo Louis
Gary Lynch
Perry L. McCarty
William J. McGlinchy
Michael J. McGuire
Edward G. Means, III
Raymond C. Miller
Henry J. Ongerth
Robert V. Phillips
David J. Rexing
Joseph M. Sanchis
William R. Seeger
Charles T. (Ted) Way
Jay W. Weinhardt
George C. White
R. Scott Yoo

Ventura Bengoechea
Joseph Cotruvo
James B. Coulter
Charles C. Johnson, Jr.
Vanessa Leiby
Horst Otterstetter
John H. Sullivan
Diane J. Vande Hei
Cortez A. White
Lajuana Wilcher
Jack R. Woods

Kenneth O. Hodgson
Donald E. Jackson
William N. MacKenzie
Richard P. McHugh
James S. McInerney, Jr.

Gerald S. Allen
Bevin A. Beaudet
Timothy P. Brodeur
David L. Crowson
Glenn M. Dykes
Thomas C. Earl
Frederick A. Eidsness
Frederick H. Elwell
Edward R. Healey
Charles E. Hogue
Joseph O'Grady
Theodore C. Pope, Jr.
Allen B. Roberts
J. Edward Singley
Garrett Sloan
Curtis H. Stanton
George E. Symons
James M. Symons
David L. Tippin

William J. Greene, Jr.
Edward F. Morey
Billy G. Turner

Robert Y. Akinaka
Thomas E. Arizumi
Robert T. Chuck
Kazu Hayashida
Manabu Tagomori

Lou Allyn Byus
Kenneth J. Ficek
Richard J. Figurelli
Ellen P. Flanagan
Dennis Leslie
Allen F. Panek
Howard W. Peskator
Robert T. Sasman
Lawrence E. Thomas
Kenneth S. Watson
Indiana Robert J. Becker
George G. Fassnacht

William H. Anderton
Ellis L. Armstrong
Merril L. Bingham
Ivan W. Flint
Tage I. Flint
Robert B. Hilbert
Rick D. Wheadon (deceased)

E. Robert Baumann
John L. Cleasby
L. D. McMullen
Harris F. Seidel

Henry H. Benjes
James L. Patton
John H. Robinson
Thomas B. Robinson

Foster S. Burba
John L. Huber
Robert A. Neal

Francisco Cantu Ramos (deceased)
Hector J. Gomez
Rogelio Hernandez Santos
Jorge Ramus Matute

Wayne H. Abbott
Wm. Elgar Brown
Gerald Caron
James K. Cleland
John A. DeKam
Stephen F. Gorden
William A. Kelley
Nina I. McClelland
Susan F. McCormick
Gerald Remus
Donald K. Shine
Janice M. Skadsen
Ervin H.A. Stahl
Chuck Van Der Kolk
Eric J. Way

Bernie Bullert
Gary L. Englund
Verne E. Jacobsen
Gerald L. Mahon
Douglas J. Mandy

Charles R. Buescher, Jr.
Keith E. Carns
Garvin H. Dyer
Terry L. Gloriod
Herbert O. Hartung
Joyce A. Miller
Franklyn W. Pogge
J. Robert Popalisky
Harold E. Snider


Richard D. Hawes
Susan S. Seacrest

NEWWA, A Section of AWWA
Clarence L. Ahlgren
Stephen L. Bishop
Richard C. Drake
R. Patrick Grady
Alice I. Hathaway
David B. Paris
Raymond J. Raposa
Alan M. Silbovitz
John P. Sullivan
Floyd B. Taylor
Leonard H. White
 New Jersey
Glen H. Abplanalp
Thomas J. Cawley
John E. Dyksen
George M. Haskew
George W. Johnstone
Richard H. Moser
Dean C. Noll
Henry S. Patterson
Robert H. Reinert
Chester A. Ring III
Gerald C. Smith

New York
Kenneth J. Carl
Charles V. Costello
Kenneth W. Henderson
William O. Lynch
Louis Mirando
Maureen E. O'Neill
Garret P. Westerhoff
Michael Zihal

North Carolina
Mark M. Bishop
Francis A. DiGiano
Daniel A. Okun
A. Terry Rolan
Michael Zihal

North Dakota
Steve L. Burian

Julius Ciaccia, Jr.
Jack DeMarco
James A. French
Gary S. Logsdon
Robert S. McEwen
Richard Miller
Marlay B. Price
Ronald O. Schwarzwalder
Curtis L. Truss
Larry E. Valentine
Timothy A. Wolfe

OWWA, A Section of AWWA
John C. Anderson
Steven Bonk
Stephen Burns
James A. Craig
Paul M. Emery
Paul D. Foley
Robert A. Goodings
Hershel Guttman
Rod Holme
Arthur P. Kennedy
Patricia Lachmaniuk
Kenneth J. Roberts

Pacific Northwest
Daniel R. Bradley
Marla Carter
John E. Courchene
Dean Fritzke
Kathryn C. Hach
Gregg J. Kirmeyer
Mark Knudson
Robert L. Lee
David E. Leland
Kenneth M. Lowthian
Kenneth J. Merry
E. Anne Merryfield
Clair Olivers
Edward N. Olson
Daniel K. Sander
Gene A. Seibel
Robert T. Smith
Ivan W. Stead
Ross D. Walker
Robert F. Willis
Douglas W. Wise
Robert L. Wubbena 

Grant A. Colton
Gerald F. Connell
Robert E. Harner
Melvin E. Hook
James L. Long
William J. Marrazzo
C. Robert Morris
Walter K. Morris
Howard M. Neukrug
Ruth Patrick
Kenneth E. Shull

Puerto Rico
Emilio Colon
Pedro Hernandez
Victor Luis Lopez
Carlos Velazquez

Hubert Demard
Alain Lalumiere

Rocky Mountain
Robert L. Champlin
Jack C. Dice
Jon L. Diebel
Harold G. Goble
John W. Hernandez
Eric F. Johnson
Charles G. Jordan
John B. Mannion
Kenneth J. Miller
William H. Miller
David B. Preston
James B. Warner
Rocky D. Wiley

South Carolina
George D. Anderson
Dixie H. Fanning
Lewis A. Graham, Jr.
Lyndon Burr Stovall

South Dakota
John P. Scheltens

James T. Harvey
Prosper J. Toups

Richard Talley
Charlie Anderson
Edmund G. Archuleta
Atlee M. Cunningham
Glen A. Doty
Glenda Dunn
Otis Goldman
Henry J. Graeser, Jr.
Rhonda Harris
Lester J. Hash
Ronny Hyde
John F. Kubala
Kay Kutchins
Katie L. McCain
Michael D. Meadows
George O. Muller
Richard G. Toler
Robert P. Van Dyke
Gerard W. Higgins

Patrick J. Brady
James J. Corbalis, Jr.
David A. Cornwell
Floyd F. Eunpu
Robert M. Gore
Robert C. Hoehn
Warren J. Hunt
Ray A. Jackson
James V. LaFrankie
H. Edward Lordley
Vernon D. Lucy, III
Nancy McTigue
Robert R. Peters
Millard (Sandy) P. Robinson, Jr.
Theodore M. Schad
Sherry L. Williams
Clarence O. Warnstaff

Western Canada
Allen T. Davies
Tom R. Pearson

West Virginia
Thomas J. Blair, III
Robert G. McCall
Rebecca K. McClure

Robert A. Baumeister
Raymond J. Kocol

Vincent J. Bath- South Africa
Leonard R. Bays - Great Britain
Chris Davis - Australia
Jan Dirickx - Belgium
Pierre Giacasso - Switzerland
Keiji Gotoh - Japan
Bernard Henderson - Great Britain
Nicholas Hood - Great Britain
Jack Jeffery - Great Britain
Ronald Packham - Great Britain
Arthur T. Palin - Great Britain
Michael J. Rouse - Great Britain
Kenneth J. Saxton - Great Britain
Firs A. Sheveliov - Russian Federation