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Local government and organizational leaders are called upon daily to work with a variety of groups and individuals, both virtually and in person. The new AWWA self-paced Facilitation Fundamentals for Public Service Leaders eLearning Certificate Program includes four courses designed to help you build capacity in your team while making your meetings more productive and engaging.



NEW! AWWA's Facilitation Fundamentals for Public Service Leaders Certificate Program


The elearning program provides leaders with the tools to conduct meetings with their staff, customers, clients for groups small and large, online or in person.  As an on-demand training, you can choose where and when to participate. You can also use the program to train one or more of your staff to develop your in-house expertise in facilitating meetings.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Managers that need to conduct meetings of any type
  • Young leaders that want to learn how to conduct an effective meeting
  • Participants that want to learn how to improve their communication skills

What’s Included?

  • Four independent courses
  • Handouts
  • Online self-paced learning environment
  • Evaluations and knowledge checks


  • Each independent course: $90 member / $135 non-member
  • All four courses: $285 member / $430 non-member

Receive a 20% discount when purchasing the full certificate package! Courses may be taken in any order, and may also be purchased individually.

Program Course Descriptions

Situational Facilitation and Leadership | EL266

What does being facilitator mean?

EL266 - Situational Facilitation and Leadership

Course Length: 2 Hours

This course explores the differences between facilitator, trainer, leader and presenter. Learn about different types of meetings and their needs and participant expectations. Understand how to gain participation in meetings.

Module 1: What Does A Facilitator Really Do?
Module 2: Presenter, Trainer, Facilitator Roles
Module 3: What Type of Meeting is This
Module 4: Levels of Participation
Module 5: Meeting Design Checklist

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the responsibilities of a facilitator
  • Define a facilitator: leader, trainer, presenter, coach
  • Types of meetings and desired outcomes
  • Interpret the levels of participation and their benefits enforcement mechanisms

Facilitation Methods | EL267

EL267 - Facilitation Methods

Course Length: 2 Hour / 0.2 CEU*

Learn how to create a process for everyday agenda items.  Understand the pro’s and con’s of each process selected and resources required.  Create more engagement in your meetings by using processes that encourage participation.
Module 1: The WHAT and HOW of Your Meeting. 
Module 2: Facilitating a 1:1 Meeting
Module 3: Enhancing Communications
Module 4: Capacity Development

Learning Objectives:

  • Differentiate between facilitation processes
  • Choose the best process for the intended outcome desired
  • Explain the value of adopting a varied point of view

Planning and Managing the Meeting | EL268

EL268 - Planning and Managing the Meeting

Course Length: 2 Hours

Learn how to recognize good facilitation skills and techniques. Understand how to engage a variety of learning styles. Recognize difficult behavior causes and solutions. Learn how to use reflection at the end of a meeting and ensure follow up after every meeting.

Module 1: Managing the Meeting
Module 2: Closing Out The Meeting
Module 3: Basic Facilitation Skills
Module 4: Dealing With Difficult Situations

Learning Objectives: 

  • Apply the principles of good meeting agenda creation
  • Use good practices during the meeting to keep people engaged
  • Recognize difficult behaviors and possible solutions
  • Explain the benefit of reflection to close out meetings
  • List steps that can be taken to insure follow up after the meeting

Virtual Meeting Tips and Tricks | EL269

EL269 - Virtual Meeting Tips and Tricks

Course Length: 2 Hour

Course Description: Learn how to plan, organize and select the appropriate technology and methods for your online meetings. Know how to prepare and educate others for full participation. Learn how to integrate online activities and energizers. Learn how to follow up, celebrate and create closing conversations.

Module 1: Getting Started With Online Meetings

Module 2: Preparing Before The Online Meeting

Module 3: Best Practices During the Meeting

Module 4: How to Effectively Close Out an Online Meeting 

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify characteristics of different types of equipment
  • Distinguish the additional challenges and benefits of facilitating an online meeting
  • Employ best practices in facilitating online meetings
  • Give examples of facilitator online meeting pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Identify different platforms
  • Compare available technologies
  • Construct engaging processes for agenda items
  • Identify best practices in online meeting facilitation


Full Certificate Program | EL270

Facilitation Fundamentals for Public Service Leaders Certificate Program (EL270)

Certificate Program Includes:

  • ALL four courses
    • Situational Facilitation and Leadership 
    • Facilitation Methods
    • Planning and Managing the Meeting
    • Virtual Meeting Tips and Tricks
  • Handouts
  • Online self-paced learning environment 
  • Evaluations and knowledge checks
  • 20% discount compared to purchasing separately!