Pipeline Condition Assessment Seminar

Tackle the issue of pipeline condition assessment at this 3-day seminar. As renewing and replacing aging infrastructure remains a top challenge, utilities are embracing asset management practices, including condition assessment. Attendees will be engaged in instructional training,  interactive exercises, and group sharing opportunities to cover the key components of a condition assessment program.

Rate Setting Essentials

This 3-day Seminar provides an updated lens on how to evaluate and develop financial policies and proposed rates that are cost-based and equitable. Attendees will receive guidance to effectively communicate policies and rate impacts to customers in current times. The program combines time honored strategies with modern approaches to get the rate levels your utility needs to be successful, while promoting community objectives.

Water Audits and Non-Revenue Water Management

Managing the efficiency of water and financial resources has never been more important. This 2-day AWWA Seminar on Water Audits and Non-Revenue Water Management takes students in-depth through the best-practices of water auditing and loss assessment, data validation, key performance indicators, cost impacts, and mitigative measures for controlling apparent and real Losses.