Customer Service

The overall purpose of this online seminar is to assist utility customer service representatives in being responsive to increased customer expectations and to show customer service managers how to prepare their teams to face these challenges. Join us online, from the convenience of your own location!

Rate Setting Essentials

Learn to evaluate and develop financial policies and proposed rates that are both cost-based and equitable. This three day in-person seminar program combines time honored strategies with modern approaches to get the rate levels your utility needs to be successful, while still promoting community objectives.

Effective Utility Management

AWWA's Effective Utility Management seminar is vitally important for all utility managers who want to get started on the path to developing an effectively managed and sustainable utility. Join us online, from the convenience of your own location to get started in making meaningful changes in everyday operations.

Water Audit Analysis

Water utilities recognize the need to regularly account for their supplies and also the importance of trained personnel in the auditing and validation processes. This seminar will help utilities establish accountability by giving attendees instruction on the AWWA Standard Water Audit Tool and data validation process.