Digital Marketing Opportunities

Digital advertising is a powerful opportunity to increase brand loyalty and drive online sales in a cost-effective and measurable way. Through ads on various devices and channels, you can reach large audiences.

AWWA’s digital offerings allow you to reach water industry professionals as they’re learning and keeping up with industry news.  

Website Display Advertising

AWWA HomepageWater professionals use to access the latest sector news, resources, networking tools, standards, and manuals of practice. Digital display advertising on reaches a diverse and qualified global audience. Monthly Average
  • 452K page views
  • 148K visits
  • 3.07 page views per visit
Source: Google Analytics
Digital Editions,
Journal AWWA and Opflow
  • 67K page views
  • 29K visits
  • 2.32 page views per visit


Homepage Premium Placement

For top visibility and frequency, display your leaderboard ad on 25% of homepage impressions (25% share of voice). Runs for 12 months. Limit 4 advertisers.


Banner Advertising

AWWA offers website banners by guaranteed impressions or cost per thousand (CPM). With CPM, advertisers pay each time an ad is displayed, allowing advertisers to easily justify the cost effectiveness of online campaigns. New to CPM advertising? We’re here to help. Call your Territory Sales Manager.

$50/CPM, run of site
$60/CPM, geotargeted by state(s)

Prices can change without notice. Ads must be provided in ad sizes: leaderboard, medium rectangle, and smartphone banner. Art due two weeks before run date.

Website Retargeting

Reach AWWA site visitors across the web.

$4,950 for 120K impressions.
Custom packages are available.
Contact your Sales Manager for details.

AWWA Website
Website Advertising Specs

Ad Dimensions:
Leaderboard: 728 × 90 pixels horizontal
Medium Rectangle: 300 x 250 pixels horizontal
Smartphone Banner: 300 x 50 pixels horizontal (replaces Leaderboard on mobile)

File Types:
GIF, JPG, PNG, and HTML5 with click-through tags (DoubleClick preferred)

File Size:
As small as possible while maintaining image quality.
Best practice for PNG, JPG and GIF are:
   • 728 x 90 and 300 x 250: 50k maximum
   • 300 x 50: 20k maximum

   • HTML5 or animated GIF
   • Max 24 FPS
   • Max of 3 loops or 15s duration, whichever comes first
Third-Party Tags (Rich Media only)

Not Permitted:
• Audio
• Adobe Flash
• Blinking, flashing, oscillating, or otherwise intermittent images
• Fly-out, fly-in, expanding, page overlay, or interstitial effects
• Forms or other mechanisms to collect data, including contact information
• Accessing a user’s webcam, microphone, or clipboard

Email art to AWWA:

Table of Contents Emails for Journal AWWA and OpfloweTOC

Table of Contents emails are sent to AWWA members for each issue of Journal AWWA and Opflow.

Journal AWWA eTOC sent to an average of 34,093/month
Opflow eTOC sent to an average of 49,202/month

Journal AWWA and Opflow priced separately

  1x  3x   6x  10x
  Position 1     $1,750         $1,540         $1,355         $1,193    
  Position 2   $1,375     $1,210     $1,065     $937  
  Position 3      $1,100     $968     $852     $750  
  Position 4   $1,100     $968     $852     $750  

 Note: eTOC banners are all 300 x 250 pixels horizontal and still-frame (non-animated). Creative due the 20th of the month prior.

AWWA Connections - Exclusive Opportunity

Our AWWA Connections email newsletter is sent every other Friday to more than 35,000 AWWA members. Exclusive banner ad position. Customers have been averaging 21 clicks per placement.

Monthly: $1,750

Note: AWWA Connections banner is 551 x 113 pixels horizontal and still-frame (non-animated). Creative due the 20th of the month prior.

Total Water Solutions SpotlightTotal Water Solutions® Spotlight Email

Total Water Solutions Spotlight is a monthly product-focused email delivered from AWWA to an average of more than 75K water professionals. Customers have been averaging 46 clicks per placement. Includes a 50-word product description plus a 150 × 150 pixel image of your product or logo.
$995/email, 15 spots/month








ePDF Downloads - Exclusive Opportunity

Capture audience attention quickly and effectively on an exclusive cover page, added to each Journal AWWA and Opflow article downloaded during the month purchased. This ad provides measurable clickthroughs so you can easily measure how many times an article is downloaded during your advertising period. Size is 10 times larger than most online ads (the same size as a full-page print advertisement).

  • Full-text downloads of Journal AWWA and Opflow articles from 139 countries, including the U.S., Australia, India, Canada, China, and Brazil
  • Monthly average of 4K+ full text downloads 

$4,000/issue exclusive, price for both magazines

Ad format: 1,237 x 1,631 pixels (vertical), 150 DPI, static (nonanimated) JPG file format, and less than 1 MB. Creative due the 20th of the month prior.


East and Southeastern United States, Asia, Australia, Canada, and South America

Pam Fithian 
d - 303.347.6138
c - 720.315.5407
f - 303.795.1989
Email Pam

Midwest and Western United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Europe, Israel, and Mexico

Donna Walstrom
d - 303.734.3601
c - 720.829.7851 
f - 303.795.1989 
Email Donna