Digital Marketing Opportunities

Water professionals use to access up-to-date industry news, resources, networking tools, industry standards, and manuals of practice. Advertise on and reach a diverse and qualified audience from all over the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

(average each month)

  • 400K page views
  • 130K visits
  • 76K unique visitors
  • 3 page views per visit

Source: Google Analytics

Journal AWWA and Opflow

In the first few months of partnership between AWWA and John Wiley & Sons Inc. (average each month)

  • 55K page views
  • 18K visits
  • 15K unique visitors
  • 3 page views per visit

Source: Adobe Analytics

Website Display Advertising

With the launch of our new website, AWWA is selling website banners by impression or cost-per-thousand (CPM). CPM allows advertisers to pay each time an ad is displayed, so advertisers can easily justify the cost effectiveness of online campaigns. New to CPM advertising? We are here to help. Call your Territory Sales Manager.

             30% SOV             20% SOV              10% SOV 
       Based on 
  Impressions           Price          Impressions      Price        Impressions        Price         112,500         $8,438          75,000     $5,625          37,500      $2,813  
   Journal AWWA    
       + Opflow  
       27,000         $2,063          18,333     $1,375            9,168        $688
        BOTH       140,000        $10,500          93,333     $7,000          46,668      $3,500  


          Add-on Option    Weekly         Monthly          Annual Homepage    
      Roadblock (flat fee) 
    $7,500        $32,500       $390,000   
Prices can change without notice.
You’re buying run of site, not a placement. You will need to provide three ad sizes – leaderboard, medium rectangle, and smartphone banner.

Website Advertising Specs

Ad Dimensions:
Leaderboard: 728 × 90 pixels horizontal
Medium Rectangle: 300 x 250 pixels horizontal
Smartphone Banner: 300 x 50 pixels horizontal (replaces Leaderboard on mobile)

File Types:
GIF, JPG, PNG, and HTML5 with click-through tags (DoubleClick preferred)

Max File Size:
As small as possible while maintaining image quality, but no larger than 200KB

   • HTML5 or animated GIF
   • Max 24 FPS
   • Max of 3 loops or 15s duration, whichever comes first
Third-Party Tags (Rich Media only)

Not Permitted:
• Audio
• Adobe Flash
• Blinking, flashing, oscillating, or otherwise intermittent images
• Fly-out, fly-in, expanding, page overlay, or interstitial effects
• Forms or other mechanisms to collect data, including contact information
• Accessing a user’s webcam, microphone, or clipboard

Email art to AWWA:


Table of Contents emails are sent to AWWA members for each issue of Journal AWWA and Opflow.

Journal AWWA eTOC sent to an average of 34,790/month
Opflow eTOC sent to an average of 34,576/month

Journal AWWA and Opflow priced separately

  1x  3x   6x  12x
  Top      $1,750         $1,540         $1,355         $1,193    
  Middle   $1,375     $1,210     $1,065     $937  
  2x Anchor      $1,100     $968     $852     $750  

 Note: eTOC banners are all 300 x 250 pixels horizontal and still-frame (non-animated).

AWWA Connections - Exclusive Opportunity

Banner in AWWA Connections. This email is sent bi-weekly to AWWA members. Plus, receive 100,000 website banner impressions on $19,500/annually

Note: AWWA Connections banner is 728 × 90 pixels horizontal and still-frame (nonanimated).

Total Water Solutions®

Total Water Solutions Spotlight is a monthly product email delivered from AWWA to over 55K water professionals. Customers have been averaging 29 clicks per placement. Includes a 50-word product description and a 150 × 100 pixel image of your product or logo. $950/email, 15 spots/month

ePDF Downloads - Exclusive Opportunity

Capture audience attention quickly and effectively on a cover page added to each Journal AWWA or Opflow article downloaded. ePDF advertising includes measurable click-throughs so you can easily measure the success—the number of times an article is downloaded during the month you’re advertising. Size is 10 times larger than most online ads (the same size as a full-page Journal AWWA or Opflow print advertisement).
In the first few months of partnership between AWWA and John Wiley & Sons Inc.
  • Full text downloads of Journal AWWA and Opflow articles from 139 countries, including Australia, India, Canada, China, and Brazil
  • 30k full text downloads
  Journal AWWA         $8,500/month exclusive     
  Opflow      $7,000/month exclusive

Exclusive Webinar

Price: $13,000

  • Targeted AWWA audience, including professionals from every area of the water sector
  • Complimentary registration for attendees 
  • Technical staff for topic selection assistance
  • Marketing of the webinar including two push-out emails and a posting on the AWWA website
  • Half-page ad in Journal AWWA or Opflow
  • Webinar delivery logistics, including timeline development, platform training, and rehearsal time
  • Mail and email addresses of attendees for one-time use*
  • Archive of your webinar for 30 days
  • Webinar name, company logo, date, and registration link highlighted on webinar page 


"Hosting a webinar with AWWA is an excellent educational resource and a powerful mechanism for market penetration."
Emma Quail,


AWWA Webinar Branding

Annual Price: $9,500

  • Sponsor more than 20 AWWA webinars
  • Your logo on the webinar page
  • Your logo on more than 35 emails promoting upcoming webinars
  • Your logo on webinar presentation handout
  • Attendee contact information for onetime use*, for each webinar

*Excluded from the mailing list are those customers who viewed the webcast in a group setting. The mailing list will be provided upon receipt of a signed List Agreement Form that allows for one-time use for either mail or email addresses.


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