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Journal - American Water Works Association | August 2016, Volume 108, Number 8 
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Workforce/customer service

A workforce that is dedicated, knowledgeable, and consumer-focused is key to fulfilling the water and wastewater industry’s public health mission. Those attributes of excellence draw top talent to water and wastewater utilities, academia, and public policy. This issue highlights nearly 20 people and their career pathways. The issue also looks at the tradeoffs between the efficiency for business and customer of automation and the loyalty and attention allowed by human interaction.


Grungy tap water faucet with one ominous drop leaking out against dark equally grungy backdrop.

Why Flint Matters
Eric P. Rothstein, member of Michigan Governor’s Flint Water Advisory Task Force
This article describes the circumstances in Flint, Mich., and explains what they mean to water utility professionals, why Flint is not unusual, and what more the water industry can do to protect public health.

Spotlight on

San Antonio Water System Market Street Pump Station front of building with sculpture garden.

San Antonio Water System Market Street Pump Station
Gregg Eckhardt
The San Antonio Market Street Pump Station in Texas has been in continuous operation since 1891. The pump station’s history includes tales of Spanish missionaries and explorers, whose quest for clean, safe drinking water helped shape the landscape of America’s seventh-largest city.

advances in research

A cute Dreissenid quagga mussel sits quietly as the watery world spins around it.

Costs for Controlling Dreissenid Mussels Affecting Drinking Water Infrastructure: Case Studies
Rajat K. Chakraborti, Sharook Madon, and
Jagjit Kaur

Ten case studies of drinking water facilities contending with ongoing mussel infestations illustrate the capital costs and operations and maintenance costs related to mussel control.

Author highlight

portrait image of Gary A. Burlingame.Journal AWWA is proud of the talented authors who contribute to our publication. This month, we spoke with Gary A. Burlingame, who authored the August 2016 article, “The Power of Stories for Valuing Our Profession.” Read more...

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