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Journal - American Water Works Association | MAY 2016, Volume 108, Number 5 
The world hovering gently over the ocean with inset flags of seven countries: Mali, Mexico, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Denmark, Australia, and the United KingdomCURRENT ISSUE FOCUS:
International Perspectives

Global water challenges range from basic services to complex uncertainties of climate change. Efforts in Bangladesh, Mali, and Mexico include working at the country level to manage quantity and quality of groundwater supplies; at the village level to institute good water and sanitation practices; and at the city level through a public–private partnership. In Pakistan, Denmark, Australia, and the United Kingdom, changing weather patterns and intensity demand local attention.


periodic table symbols of manganese and iron over biological microscope organism background

From Conventional to Biological Removal of Iron and Manganese in France
Pierre Mouchet
The physical–chemical processes historically used to remove iron and manganese from groundwater are reviewed and the problems typically encountered are discussed...

Spotlight on

3D rendering of West Palm Beach Waterworks' West High Service Pump Station

West Palm Beach Waterworks:
A Unique Blend of Old and New

Scott D. Kelly and Poonam K. Kalkat
Steeped in history, yet offering the latest technologies and sustainable features, West Palm Beach is proud of its past and what it offers its customers, today and into the future.

advances in research

Collage of San Joaquin Valley agricultural field and brine pit disposal open ponds.

Brine Disposal Options for Small Systems in California’s Central Valley
Vivian B. Jensen and Jeannie L. Darby
Brine waste management options for nitrate-impacted small systems in the Central Valley of California were examined with regard to feasibility, sustainability, and affordability...

Author highlight

portrait photo of Md. JakariyaJournal AWWA is proud of the talented authors who contribute to our publication. This month, we spoke with Md. Jakariya, who coauthored the May 2016 article, “Challenges to Improve Water and Sanitation Facilities in Bangladesh.” Read more...

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