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Journal - American Water Works Association | NOVember 2016, Volume 108, Number 11 
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Emerging Issues/Reuse

Natural and societal conditions have led to a pressing need to secure safe, reliable water; this worldwide concern is receiving significant and necessary attention. From treatment to supply, utility operators, researchers, lawmakers, and others are exploring innovations to ensure a sound water future.


Macro view of radiant water droplets clinging to a dark gray membrane surface.

Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration Membranes for Drinking Water
AWWA Subcommittee on Periodical Publications of the Membrane Process Committee
The use of microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) in water treatment applications continues to expand, both in terms of capacity and number of installations. The upper benchmark for the size of membrane facilities is expected to continue to get larger....


R.C. Harris Water Treatment plant illumined in the golden rays of twilight.

Water: The Signature Resource of Minneapolis
Glen Gerads
This “Spotlight On . . .” article describes Minneapolis Water Works (MWW). The first public water works in Minnesota, MWW sprang from the mighty Mississippi River to provide a sustainable water source for the city.

advances in research

Set of slightly ominous lead pipes removed and cast aside on the gray cold cracked concrete.

Monitoring-Based Framework to Detect and Manage Lead Water Service Lines
Elise Deshommes, Alicia Bannier,
Laurent Laroche, Shokoufeh Nour, and
Michèle Prévost

A study was conducted in Montréal, Canada, with the objective of developing a flow chart to detect lead service lines (LSLs), quantify consumer exposure at critical sites, and help utilities determine a lead-reduction strategy. Water was sampled in 112 households in which LSLs were confirmed or suspected.

Author highlight

portrait of Mary Jo KirisitsJournal AWWA is proud of the talented authors who contribute to our publication. This month, we spoke with Mary Jo Kirisits, who wrote the November 2016 article, “Harvested Rainwater Quality Before and After Treatment and Distribution in Residential Systems,” with fellow authors Taegyu Kim, Dennis Lye, Maura Donohue, Jatin H. Mistry, Stacy Pfaller, and Stephen Vesper. Read more...

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