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Journal - American Water Works Association | September 2016, Volume 108, Number 9 
Snow capped mountain in the far distance hover over a city; from the city we see s stream running into the background, directly splitting drought on one side and greenery on the other.CURRENT ISSUE FOCUS:
Sources and Supply

Issues of climate change, sustainability, source water contamination, advanced treatment technologies, increasing demand, and competition for resources add to the complexities of solutions for source water development. In Texas, a regional agency is outlining the options for 32 utilities in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. In India, approaches involve limiting salt water intrusion and accounting for surface water evaporation. And rate policies need to encourage innovation.


Water glass with pure clean water sitting on the edge of a rusty dirty wastewater clarifying tank.

Public Perceptions of Direct Potable Reuse in Four US Cities
Stephanie K.L. Ishii, Treavor H. Boyer,
David A. Cornwell, and Steve H. Via

This work is motivated by technical advancements related to direct potable reuse and the importance of public values when considering alternative water resources. This study involved the distribution of an online survey to residents in four US cities about existing tap water supplies and “purified water”...


R.C. Harris Water Treatment plant illumined in the golden rays of twilight.

R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant:
A Civic Vision for Toronto’s Water Supply

Abhay Tadwalkar
The “palace of purification” is an architectural landmark in Toronto, Ont., Canada, known for stunning art deco designs and modern treatment processes..

advances in research

Lead pipe illustration against dark streaked grungy blue background.

Quantifying Lead-Leaching Potential From Plumbing Exposed to Aggressive Waters
Kelsey J. Pieper, Leigh-Anne Krometis,
and Marc Edwards

Protections mandated for regulating lead-leaching potential in municipal water systems might not sufficiently cover private water systems, which are likely to have more aggressive water conditions. This research aimed to quantify lead leaching from components that meet lead-free requirements after being exposed to conditions similar to those observed in private systems. 

Author highlight

portrait of Kelsey J. PieperJournal AWWA is proud of the talented authors who contribute to our publication. This month, we spoke with Kelsey J. Pieper, who wrote the September 2016 article, “Quantifying Lead-Leaching Potential From Plumbing Exposed to Aggressive Waters.” Read more...

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