Drinking Water Week 2018 Materials

DownloadABLE Materials


These high resolution logos can be used in any web or print Drinking Water Week materials you create.

GIF format (for web):
English color logo: 
400x162 and 400x400
English b/w logo: 400x162 and 400x400

Spanish color logo: 400x162 and 400x400
Spanish b/w logo: 400x162 and 400x400

JPG format (for print): 
English color logo: 400x162 and 400x400
English b/w logo: 400x162 and 400x400

Spanish color logo: 400x162 and 400x400
Spanish b/w logo: 400x162 and 400x400

Web banners 

These high resolution banners in JPG format can be used in any Drinking Water Week materials you create on the web.

English 800x239 banner
English 400x220 banner

Spanish 800x239 banner
Spanish 400x220 banner


These PDF options can be placed as ads in your local paper or newsletter or can be used for consumer items such as posters and handouts. All are customizable with your organization's logo. 

English student artwork ad
English generic ad

Spanish student artwork ad
Spanish generic ad

Certificate of participation

Recognize all of the volunteers, students, teachers, community members, staff members and others who celebrated Drinking Water Week with a personalized certificate.

English certificate (PDF)
Spanish certificate (PDF)

Official proclamations

Encourage your local public officials to recognize Drinking Water Week in your community with these PDF proclamations.

English mayoral proclamation
English gubernatorial proclamation

Spanish mayoral proclamation
Spanish gubernatorial proclamation

Radio public service announcement

These PSAs encompass the theme of Drinking Water Week and encourage the public to get to know their local water source to understand ways to protect and preserve it. Right-click on the link and choose “Save Link As...”, then designate a location on your computer system to save to.

English PSA (MP3)
Spanish PSA (MP3)
Scripts (PDF)

    Press releases

    Press releases with focused messaging to be used each weekday of Drinking Water Week are available (PDF).

    Day 1 - Introduction to theme of "Protect the Source"
    Day 2 - Get to know your local water source
    Day 3 - Partnerships to protect source water
    Day 4 - Eliminate lead pipes and plumbing from homes
    Day 5 - Encourage conservation practices

    Social media posts

    Social media posts with focused messaging to be used each weekday of Drinking Water Week are available (PDF).

    Social media posts

    Children's activity sheets

    These PDF activity sheets for kids can be used for school presentations or at any community youth event.

    English water cycle coloring sheet
    English water distribution maze
    Spanish water cycle coloring sheet
    Spanish water distribution maze  

    A new activity is also available through AWWA and WEF - Pipe Up! - a series of puzzles to help children learn various aspects of water services and the value they bring to our everyday lives.

    Children's artwork contest

    Partner with a local school district and hold an artwork contest that encourages students to draw or color pictures showing how water is essential to their daily lives. 

    Submit the winning artwork from your contest to Amber Wilson by June 30, 2018. The winning student(s)' artwork will be featured in AWWA’s 2019 Drinking Water Week print advertisements!

    All artwork submitted to AWWA for consideration must also include a signed image release form (PDF) at the time of submission.