Compensation Survey

AWWA Compensation Survey

Attract and retain top performers!  Tap into water sector compensation data through the AWWA Compensation Survey.

The AWWA Compensation Survey provides you with tools and resources to attract and retain top talent with data-driven insights. Tailored for small, medium-sized, and large utilities, see which report is the right fit for your organization.

Let data drive your compensation and workforce strategy! See what you'll find in the AWWA Compensation Survey:

  • Compare your utility’s salaries to those of similarly sized utilities by reviewing data by type of ownership or management, population size, or total number of employees.
  • Reference salary range minimum, mid-point, and maximum levels for each position as well as 50th percentile and company-weighted average pay.
  • Compare similar jobs, even if you use different titles.
  • Review recent changes to overall staffing levels, workplace policies, and cost-control initiatives.
  • Reference segmented data for all participants, water-only participants, as well as water- and wastewater-participants.

Large Utilities
Populations of more than 100,000


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Medium-Sized Utilities
Populations of 10,000 to 99,999


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Small Utilities
Populations of less than 10,000


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