AWWA Scholarship & Award Program

AWWA Scholarship Program

American Water Works Association is developing the world’s largest scholarship program for the world’s largest water association. Currently offering over $200,000 in academic scholarships and achievement awards, our corporate donors trust the AWWA Engineering Technical Services Department to manage and collect applications from the best and the brightest students in North America, to guide the judging and ranking through a qualified scholarship committee, and to award the best candidates. The scholarships are mutually beneficial to the corporate sponsors and recipients, as they create a mentoring partnership which can result in an employment opportunity.

AWWA’s Water Equation stewards the corporate partner and scholarship recipients with a recognition breakfast, photo opportunities and presentation of awards at the annual ACE Water Industry Luncheon.

Corporate scholarships are an admirable way to show pride in the water industry, to support our workforce and to partner with AWWA’s philanthropy. Scholarships are formalized each summer for the scholarship application process. For more information please contact Sr. Manager of Development Michelle Hektor at 303-734-3613 or

Scholarship applications will be accepted August 24-December 21, 2020.


The AECOM $5,000 academic scholarship funds a graduate student pursuing an engineering degree in innovative solutions to improve drinking water in urban communities.

American Water Scholarship

Founded in 1886, American Water is the largest investor-owned U.S. water and wastewater utility company. This $5,000 scholarship provides funding to a graduate level student.

Arcadis Scholarship

Arcadis offers a $5,000 scholarship to a student pursing a masters or doctoral degree in water science or engineering. Our ideal scholarship recipient is an emerging leader who can tell the story of how her/his/their field of study improves quality of life for all people.

AWWA Abel Wolman Fellowship

The Abel Wolman Fellowship supports promising students in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico pursuing advanced training and research in the field of water supply and treatment. To accomplish this objective, a doctoral fellowship provides support up to two years of support awarded annually to the most outstanding student. The initial award for one year is $30,000, with a second year of support available if needed.

AWWA Larson Aquatic Research Support Scholarships

The Larson Aquatic Research Support (LARS) scholarships honor the memory of Dr. Larson by providing support and encouragement to outstanding students preparing for careers in the fields of science or engineering. These endowed scholarships provide support for two students annually. The funding for a master’s level student, the funding is $5,000 and a doctoral student receives $7,000.

Bryant L. Bench/Carollo Engineers Scholarship

This $10,000 scholarship was established in honor of Carollo Engineers’ Water Practice Director Bryant L. Bench, who combined elegant engineering with innovative concepts like managed filtration to improve drinking water quality for millions across the country.

Charles “Chick” Roberts Scholarship

This $5,000 scholarship offered by Roberts Filter Group recognizes a Pennsylvania student studying water technologies.


ChlorTainer offers a $10,000 scholarship to undergraduate and graduate engineering students located in New York, New Mexico, Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, California or Texas pursuing a career in the water industry.

Dave Caldwell Scholarship

Established in recognition of Brown and Caldwell co-founder Dave Caldwell. This $5,000 scholarship funds a female and/or minority graduate level student pursuing an engineering degree in the drinking water field.

HDR One Water Institute Scholarship

HDR’s One Water Institute Scholarship drives water innovations through applied research. This $10,000 funding assists a graduate student work toward a degree and to conduct research in the water science field.

Holly A. Cornell Scholarship

The Holly A. Cornell Scholarship created in 1990 and sponsored by Jacobs/CH2M honors co-founder Holly A. Cornell to encourage and support outstanding female and/or minority students pursuing advanced training in the field of water supply and treatment. This scholarship is in the amount of $10,000.

Denver Water Centennial Scholarship

In celebration of its over 100 year serving Colorado residents,  Denver water provides a $5,000 scholarship for any student who has serious interest in the fields of water delivery, water quality, water reclamation or water reuse.

Dr. Philip C. Singer Scholarship

This $100,000 AWWA endowed scholarship honors the legacy of Dr. Philip C. Singer, PhD, and will be offered annually as a $3000 award to a graduate student pursuing a career in research in the area of drinking water quality/treatment.

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Gannett Fleming Scholarship

Gannett Fleming is offering a $5000 academic scholarship to undergraduate or graduate students in the fields of engineering, project management or information technology.

Hazen and Sawyer Scholarship

Hazen and Sawyer sponsors this scholarship in the amount of $5,000 to benefit a student seeking a master’s degree in the water science field.

Mueller Continuing Education Scholarship

Mueller Water Products scholarship awards $5,000 to a student employee by a utility who is seeking an undergraduate degree.

Neptune Technology Group Scholarship

Neptune Technology Group, Inc. supports a $5,000 scholarship for an undergraduate student seeking a degree in mechanical electrical, computer or software engineering.

Raftelis Charitable Fund Scholarship

Raftelis offers a $5000 scholarship to students pursuing a finance, organization, technology or marketing degree to serve the North American water industry. 

Stantec Scholarship

Stantec sponsors this $10,000 scholarship to assist a student pursing a master’s degree in the water science field.

Thomas R. Camp Scholarship

CDM Smith honors co-founder Dr. Thomas R. Camp with this $5,000 scholarship to encourage outstanding graduate students conducting applied research in the drinking water field.

Vernon D. Lucy III Scholarship

The Vernon D. Lucy III Scholarship was established to honor his lengthy career and involvement in the water industry and in appreciation of his many years of mentorship to young industry professionals. 

Sponsored by Suez, this scholarship provides $5,000 for an undergraduate student seeking a degree in science or engineering.

Woodard & Curran Scholarship

The Woodard & Curran Scholarship established in 2017 supports a female or minority student seeking a master’s degree in engineering in the amount of $5,000.

WRT Scholarships

Water Remediation Technology (WRT) provides effective processes for removing radium, uranium and other contaminants from water. Its goal is to fund education for water and wastewater operators across the country. 

WRT funds three $5,000 scholarships.

ACE20 Scholarship Winners Announced

Every year at ACE we recognize those students and professionals who have made a profound impact to AWWA and the water industry. This year looks a bit different since we cancelled ACE20 due to COVID-19 but we've still found many ways to recognize this year's scholarship winners. Browse the scholarship winners for 2020 below or replay one of our virtual recognition events. 

Virtual Recognition Event for Research Scholarships

Virtual Recognition Event for Corporate Sponsored Scholarships

Virtual Recognition Event for Water-related studies and One AWWA Operator Scholarships

2020 Scholarship Winners

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