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Subject matter experts from around the world contribute to the technical leadership of AWWA and are responsible for advancing AWWA activities in engineering, operation and management, water quality, small systems, water sustainability, water resource management and management of water utilities.

This library contains the body of knowledge produced by these subject matter experts.

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AWWA Committee Reports

An AWWA committee report is a statement of findings made to AWWA membership. These are consensus reports and are often printed in whole or summarized in JournalAWWA for publication as a non‐peer reviewed article

AWWA Emergency Preparedness & Security Committee
Committee Report: Pandemic Responses Learned: Water Sector Best Practices (2021, 10pp, PDF)

AWWA Water Loss Control Committee
Committee Report: Key Performance Indicators for Nonrevenue Water (2020, JournalAWWA)

AWWA Standards Committee on Pipe Rehabilitation
Structural Classifications of Pressure Pipe Linings: Suggested Protocol for Product Classification (2019, 44pp, PDF)

AWWA Transient Analysis Subcommittee of the Engineering Modeling Applications Committee
Committee Report: Getting Started in Transient Analysis (2019, JournalAWWA)

AWWA Water Service Line Fittings Standards Committee
Committee Summary Report: Corrosion Testing for Lead-Free Copper Alloys Used for Drinking Water Applications in Underground Environments (2018. JournalAWWA)

AWWA Rates and Charges Committee
Committee Report: Ripples From the San Juan Capistrano Decision (2016, JournalAWWA)

AWWA Asset Management Committee
Committee Report: Business Practices to Help Utilities Better Manage Assets (2016, JournalAWWA)