A Critical Source for Drinking Water



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Groundwater exists below the earth’s surface in the space between soil and rocks. Groundwater is a source for many drinking water supplies, especially for rural communities. Learn more about groundwater supplies, storage, and recharge.


AWWA White Paper
Water and Hydraulic Fracturing white paper addresses concerns about hydraulic fracturing and its potential risks to water sources.

AWWA Manuals
M21 Groundwater, Fourth Edition
M63 Aquifer Storage and Recovery, First Edition

AWWA Standards
ANSI/AWWA A100 Water Wells
ANSI/AWWA C654 Disinfection of Wells
ANSI/AWWA E102 Submersible Vertical Turbine Pumps
ANSI/AWWA E103 Horizontal and Vertical Line-Shaft Pumps

You may also search decades of articles on this or other topics published in the Journal AWWA, Opflow and AWWA Water Science

Conferences and Events
2020 Water Quality and Technology Conference, Schaumburg, IL, November 15-19 

2021 Sustainable Water Management Conference, Charlotte, March 7-10

AWWA Policy Statements

AWWA's policy statements are brief statements on protecting and improving water supply, water quality, management, and the interests of the public and the environment. They are written by consensus, subject to review and comment by AWWA committees, councils, and members. Because they represent AWWA's position on these matters, they are approved by the AWWA Executive Committee of the board of directors.


AWWA also joined with the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies and the National Association of Water Companies in issuing a Joint Policy Statement on Hydraulic Fracturing  focused on the protection of drinking water sources and supplies.

Technical Committee Engagement

AWWA members are recognized globally for their industry expertise and their generosity in sharing that expertise for a better world through better water. AWWA members participate in committee activities, developing conference programs, writing technical manuals, developing standards, creating educational content and contributing to AWWA publications.

Committee members primarily interact through conference calls, emails, and face to face meetings at conferences and events. Learn more about volunteering for an AWWA committee.

The following committees are active in addressing groundwater issues:


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