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Industry Best Practices: Consensus Approved Manuals

For smooth and efficient day-to-day operation and management of municipal water systems, water professionals depend on AWWA Manuals of Water Supply Practices. AWWA Manuals are consensus documents focused on providing strategies and steps for water system optimization. They are written, reviewed and approved by members of AWWA volunteer committees.

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Latest Manuals

M24 Planning for the Distribution of Reclaimed Water

This manual discusses the planning, design, construction, operation, regulatory framework, and management of community dual water distribution systems, which consist of...

M60 Drought Preparedness and Response

This manual will help water managers facing water shortages by illustrating how to employ tried-and-true strategies and tactics of drought mitigation, as well as introducing new...

M69 Inland Desalination and Concentrate Management

This manual presents the key issues and challenges of developing inland desalination facilities, including concentrate management and...

M77 Condition Assessment of Water Mains

This manual provides technical information to aid utility managers and engineers in making informed decisions, along with practical information about how methods...

Inside a Manual

Best Practices. Manuals showcase the most important tips and strategies available.

Images, Graphs, Figures. Critical information is presented in easy-to-read and utilize formats.

Case Studies. Relevant and timely case studies showcase how the principles and practices described can be implemented.

Appendices. Additional information, resources, worksheets and more are usually included at the close of each manual.

Inside an AWWA Manual

AWWA's 50+ Manuals Cover the Topics You Need

Utility Management

Utility Management

Utility management manuals can help utility leaders understand the fundamentals of everything from rate setting to safety management, capital project delivery and emergency planning.

Water Quality and Treatment

Water Quality and Treatment

Effective water quality and treatment are the basis for what water professionals do: provide safe and clean water. These manuals focus on specific quality and treatment issues, such as water fluoridation, waterborne pathogens, filtration and more.

Distribution Systems

Distribution System

A sizable portion of manuals correlate to distribution. Some cover more overarching and broad topics such as computer modeling, fire protection, and corrosion control; while other manuals focus on specific equipment within the distribution channel.

Water Resources

Water Resources

There are also additional manuals that focus on topics that touch all facets of water management including water conservation, groundwater, and drought preparedness.

Join a Committee

Join a Committee

Give back to the water community by helping to develop or update an AWWA Manual.

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Technical Inquiries

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