Water System Operations

Industry Leading Series for Operator Certification Training

Certified water operators are a crucial part of providing an adequate and safe supply of water. Water System Operations (WSO) materials are the most relevant and up-to-date training materials for operators who are trying to pass their certification exams. The WSO brand focuses on providing a variety of learning materials because we know that everyone learns differently. Study with a WSO book, video, app – whatever works best for you!


Start Studying to Pass Your Certification Exam


The WSO set of guidebooks cover different grade levels for treatment and distribution. They offer training on fundamental practices and principles that all operators need to do their job.

Water Operator
Exam Prep

Water Exam Prep

Certification Exam Prep book offers 1,400+ expert-vetted practice questions and answers so that you practice your test-taking skills and make sure you are ready to pass the exam.

Exam Prep

Wastewater Exam Prep

Certification Exam Prep book offers 500+ expert-vetted practice questions and answers so that you practice your test-taking skills and make sure you are ready to pass the exam.

Exam Prep


Study wherever it is most convenient for you. With 2,000+ questions, you can sort by subject, track your progress, and more. Question sets are available individually.

WSO books and resources embody AWWA's commitment to up-to-date, affordable operator education.

Tony PetritesProduct Manager

Incorporate WSO Guidebooks in the Classroom

Utilize WSO in your lesson plans to ensure your students are utilizing the most current and up-to-date certification preparation materials available.

Beneficial for Students:

Focused on Experience. Each book is divided into certification levels.
Affordable. Books available individually at affordable prices.
Helpful. Meet need-to-know criteria used in state certification exams.
Color Illustrations. Many diagrams in color to enhance understanding
Multimedia Enhanced. Includes available online video learning modules.

Easy for Trainers:

One-Stop Resource. Math and chemistry combined into one book.
Reinforced Learning. Questions are included at the end of each chapter.
Catered to Different Learning Styles. Free access to online video supplements to show hands-on applications.
Affordable. We offer volume discounts for teachers and trainers.

Contact us to get a free desk copy for review or to inquire about volume discounts on bulk purchasers for your class.

WSO Video Resources

WSO Video Clips

WSO guidebooks include free access to essential video clips that help further your knowledge.

WSO Streaming

WSO streaming channel offers comprehensive and engaging videos on topics that are essential for operators to understand.