Data Benchmarking Publications


Utility managers can use the data and analyses in this report to determine how their utility's performance compares to the industry in five areas of operations: Organizational Development, Customer Relations, Business Operations, Water Operations, and Wastewater Operations.

Water System Operations (WSO)


WSO resources lead the industry in operator certification training. Our WSO guides and study preparation materials are all vetted by experts and meet the latest need-to-know criteria. They are designed to help you study so you can pass your state certification exam the first time.

AWWA Technical Handbooks

Ultraviolet Disinfection For Water Treatment

Have a specific problem or project? Our vast library of technical books can help. These titles focus specifically on providing in-depth content on one specific subject at a time. From advanced oxidation to energy management, these books can provide the subject knowledge you need.


Latest Titles

Water Operator Certification Exam Prep

AWWA’s most popular operator training aid, this study guide is specially designed to prepare water operators and students for their state certification exams.

water wells
Water Supply Wells: Siting, Drilling, and Construction, 2nd Edition

AWWA's top engineering reference for municipal water suppliers on locating, drilling, constructing, operating, and maintaining drinking water wells.

Utility Benchmarking
2022 Compensation Survey for Large-Sized Water and Wastewater Utilities

Includes data and analyses of salaries, salary ranges, and compensation practices for water and combined water services utilities across North America.

standar methods
Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 24th Edition

The newest edition is the most comprehensive, up-to-date resource for measuring the biological, chemical, and physical attributes of water and wastewater.