Resources for Engineers

As a member organization of water professionals, AWWA has resources for those charged with protecting public health and the environment. This page is dedicated specifically to engineers who design, operate, manage, and maintain the systems that treat water to safe and clean level. Engineers will find AWWA has technical content for all facets of water and wastewater treatment including design, treatment, distribution, and collection. 

Water Engineer


Important Resources

UV Disinfection

Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection for Water Treatment, 2nd Edition

Your ultimate guide to UV disinfection. If you have questions on UV disinfection, this technical resource should be the first book you turn to.

ION Exchange

Ion Exchange for Drinking Water Treatment

This handbook provides information regarding the selection and design of ion exchange processes for water treatment, along with design examples and case studies that demonstrate applications.

G300-22 Source Water

AWWA G300-22 Source Water Protection

This standard describes the essential elements for the effective protection of source waters.


M73 Groundwater Management

This manual is the culmination of efforts by members of AWWA’s Groundwater Resource Committee to identify and demonstrate the value of using computer modeling tools to help utilities better manage their groundwater resources.